This guide outlines the Qube/MRI PM integration for Fixflo Basic customers only. For customers using Fixflo Essentials or Professional, please click here.

If you are a Fixflo Basic user, you will be using Qube PM Maintenance Manager to progress your maintenance issues, rather than Fixflo. Therefore Fixflo is primarily a reporting tool, either standalone or embedded in a tenant portal such as Engage. 

On Fixflo Basic there is no data imported or synced from Qube. However, one task you will need to undertake is mapping the Fixflo fault categories to those you have in Maintenance Manager. For more information on this, please click here and click the link for Fixflo Basic.

Integration Overview

Issues will go through into Qube PM and be logged as a call in Maintenance Manager: If you're using Engage, the properties should match exactly. They will then go into a PMs 'My tasks to be completed' folder. If an address cannot be mapped correctly, the task will go into the 'User of last resort' who is a system admin.

Calls can be turned into Works Orders after being reviewed. Workflows can be set up to trigger automatic creation of a PO number if necessary - please speak to your Qube Account Manager for help with this if required.

Please note: if you do not have the Maintenance Manager module, the tasks will be entered as a Diary Event in your calendar.

Below are a few screenshots of how the integration works on the Qube PM side: