Industry type - Lettings and BTR/PRS

Available with - All

To watch our videos on Co-pilot and how to set it up please click here

Once correctly set up, your out-of-hours emergencies reported will automatically trigger the co-pilot rule and sit with Novex.

However, a few things can prevent this from happening:

  •  Your mandate has expired

If your mandate expires, copilot rules related to the contractor marketplace will fail. You'll receive an email notification for this, it contains a link allowing you to log into your account.

To rectify, log into your account, access Contractor Market place > Bank accounts > Cancel the existing mandate if it's still displaying and enter your Sort code and Account number again to set it anew.

  • Out of the hours selected on co-pilot

If the issue is reported during your office hours, the rule won't be triggered

For example the rule below was set for issues reported outside of 9am until 5pm from Monday until Friday (highlighted in blue) to trigger the rule. So issues reported between 9am and 5pm from Monday until Friday (in white) won't trigger the rule and will remain with you to progress.

To rectify, open the co-pilot rule and amend the 'Time of day' filter. Don't forget to hit Save

  • The tenant selected the wrong fault type

If the tenant selects a fault that isn't covered by Novex, the rule won't be triggered either.

You can find the list of faults they cover here