Industry type - Lettings and BTR/PRS

Available with - All

For an introduction to Novex - powered by PropCall, please click here.


Accepting Terms and Conditions

To begin the setup for Novex, you will first need to view and accept the Contractor marketplace T&Cs. These are located for Administrator users within Setup > Settings > T&Cs > Additional Feature - Contractor marketplace

Please ensure you read all the T&Cs provided by clicking on 'agreement'.

Tick I agree once you're happy and click on Save.

In addition, you will be required to go to Contractor Marketplace > Contractor Networks > Set Network available for use to 'Yes'

Adding your Company, Director and Bank Details

If you have not previously used a contractor network, you will be required to add details about your business and director, as well as configure a direct debit mandate by adding your bank details.

Within Contractor marketplace, navigate to the Director's details tab; here, you will be required to enter two separate fields:

  • Business details - these are the legal details for your business and are required to adhere to KYC regulations
  • Director's details - this must be someone who is legally entitled to act on behalf of the business

Once the above is in place, navigate to the Bank accounts tab; here, you will be required to add the bank details for your business in order to create a direct debit mandate. Please note you will only be charged on a per-job basis for works instructed to PropCall!

Finally, please review the Settings tab; this provides you with the ability to apply an additional management fee for works undertaken by Novex if you are a VAT registered company. Once VAT details are applied, go back to the Contractor networks tab and scroll down to PropCall; here, use 'Edit setup' and apply the management fee as required (as a percentage or a fixed fee):

Set up your Co-pilot rules

Once T&Cs are accepted and the marketplace configuration is complete, you will need to set up your Co-pilot rules to instruct relevant out-of-hours work to PropCall. 

Issue creation rule

Navigate to the 'Issue creation' tab to create an out-of-hours instruction rule to PropCall; it is recommended you use the template provided titled 'Out of hours' when adding a new rule:

  1. Re-name the rule so it's explicit and easily recognisable; an instruction to Novex
  2. Edit the 'Time of day' filter to cover the time periods you want the rule to trigger jobs to Novex
  3. Add a new filter 'Covered by network' = Novex - powered by Novex
  4. Add a third filter of 'Fault'. It is highly recommended that you drill into each folder and select the specific faults that you deem as emergencies, and therefore should auto-instruct to Novex. Full list of faults covered can be found here
  5. Should you wish to, you can add additional filters; this allows you to only select certain landlords, properties, priorities and more. Please refer to the guides here for more information on Co-pilot use cases
  6. Navigate to the 'Action' section of the rule, and edit the 'Notify' action as desired; you may wish to notify yourselves that a job has gone to Novex
  7. Add a second action to 'Instruct works (network)'. A works authorisation limit of £350.00 is needed for Novex - rate card here.
    Enter any specific instruction notes that are required, and don't forget you can always contact the Novex team on each job using the Comments tab.
  8. Check over your rule! Make sure you are familiar with the filters in place, and select 'Rule is enabled' once you're happy
  9. Hit save, and go back to your list of rules. Make sure your rule is placed as required, as it's important to remember that only a single 'Issue creation' rule can get hit. For more information on the importance of rule orders, click here

If you'd prefer to learn how to set up your Co-pilot rules via video form, check out the below from our Training Manager Jessica!