Hi all, 

Now that everyone is back in the office, we are also back with another Fixflo update! We're kicking off with a bunch of important fixes that was made over the holiday season, with a focus on improving usability on a number of our features. With that being said, we'll be cracking on with some of our bigger features we have lined up for this upcoming year, so get yourselves settled and stay tuned for more Fixflo features!

As always feedback is always appreciated - we want to make this a product you love. Be sure to send them to feedback@fixflo.com


  • When you recreate invoices, you can edit the costs so that they are updated simultaneously
  • Added ability to print job sheet as an agent

Planned maintenance

In case you were wondering, we renamed Proactive Management to Planned Maintenance to reflect more accurately what the feature is all about

  • Can add multiple programmes of the same type
  • When adding an event, you can edit and customise the name of the event - you can also change the names of existing event series
  • Can add additional events via the works planner table

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue on Fixflo block where the compliance matrix did not show the correct statuses
  • Fixed an issue with viewing photo attachments within the comment section

We'd love your help! We think our Proactive Management feature is pretty good, but we want it to be amazing.

So get in touch for a demo - we'd love to show you how much time it can save you and have you shape it into the tool you need.

There's more... but we didn't want to bore you! Interested? Get in touch - feedback@fixflo.com

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