Fixflo Contractor Guide


This guide will explain what is needed from a contractor when a job is requested through Fixflo. There are two main scenarios:

1.       A job is instructed

2.      A quote is requested

Scenario 1- you are instructed to do the works

  1. You will receive an email letting you know that you have been instructed a job.

  1. Read through the information provided in the email and then click on “Enter job start date”.

  1. From here, input a time and date for when you will complete the job. Fill out the “Appointment Date” & “Appointment time” fields.

    1. You must then click “Save appointment date”.

Once you have submitted a time and date, there are two possible outcomes:

-The occupier has requested to be present at the property when you are. In this case, you will need to wait for them to approve the time and date you have suggested.

-The occupier has not requested to be present at the property when the works are carried out. In this case, they will be sent an automated email from the system letting them know when you’re due to visit.

The system will let you know if the occupier has requested to be present: 

It will also let you know when the time you have suggested is approved by the occupier:


  1. You will receive email reminders from the system until you “enter job completion date”. The system is asking you to confirm when you did the job and how much you are charging the agency. You can also invoice the letting agent from within Fixflo. 

  2. On the day, you will receive an email, click on “Enter job completion date”

  3. From here, please provide the agent with the following information as a minimum:

    1. Job completion date- when you did the job. 
    2. Job duration- how long the job took you.

    3. Invoice method- how you intend to invoice for the job. 

Clicking 'Mark as complete' will notify the letting agent that you have completed the job. 

    7. Once the job is marked as completed, you can let the agency know your costs.

  1. Provide  your costs: 

8. Finally, you can attach your invoice or alternatively, Fixflo can generate an invoice. 

Example of a Fixflo generated invoice below:


Scenario 2- You receive an invitation to quote


  1. You will receive an email inviting you to quote:

    Make sure to check all the information provided on this email. Such as the ideal completion date for the job or the deadline for providing your quote.

  2. Next, click on “Enter your quotation”.

  1. To submit your quote, you need to provide the following information:

    1. Lead time required- how much notice do you need?

    2. Est. duration- how long do you think the job will take?

    3. Enter your costs. Fill at least one field in.

    4. Tick the box to agree to our terms and conditions and click “Save and submit all”

  1. If your quote is approved, you will receive an email notification:

  2. From here, progress the issue as per the “Instruct works” scenario, step 3.

Good to know extras

1- Use your own Fixflo Dashboard! From a Fixflo email you can click on “Get/set your password”. This will allow you to login to Fixflo and review the jobs you have been assigned.

From the above screen, type in your login email (the email address on which you found the initial email). You will be sent an email inviting you to setup a password. Once this is done, you can login at any time and review your jobs:

You can also do this from your smartphone.

2- Get detailed information about the job and ask for more.

  1. When you click into an issue to provide a job start date or a quote, pay attention to the tabs called “Details” and “Comments”.  The “Details” tab shows the information provided by the occupier. The “Comments” tab allows you to message the agent or occupier for more information.