Properties are known by their address. Sometimes tenants might raise issues using a slightly different address from that recorded on your Fixflo system. 

When an issue is reported on a property, the property address is automatically saved under your 'Properties' section.

To merge the two property properties under one profile follow these steps: 

a) Click on the 'Properties' menu item. Select the version of the property you want to keep. In my example I will merge '1 Greeenland Road' under '1 GREENLAND ROAD'. To do so I click on ''1 GREENLAND ROAD'.


b) Go to 'Alternate addresses' section in the 'Address' tab. 


c) To merge the two addresses, click on '+ Add address' next to the alternate address version. The two profiles, along with any issues and occupier details, will merge. 


d) Alternatively, you can select an address that is already listed under 'Properties'. To do the same, type in the details in the 'Alternative address' edit box. Search suggestion will assist you in finding the address. Select the address from the list and click on 'save'. The selected address is then saved as your alternate address.