Hi all, 

Time again for a Fixflo release.

In this release, we have a couple of new features in store for you. As you may know already, we are really keen in making sure new (and even existing) users are able to get up to speed with Fixflo in the quickest time possible, and what better way to do so than to have an entire library of how-to videos! That's right, we're calling it Fixflo University - I guess it's back to school season for everyone am I right?! However, this is a work in progress. We'll gradually be adding videos into this new section, and eventually you will have everything you need to become a Fixflo graduate. Initially, this is limited to Fixflo Plus for lettings but we are busy making more videos for everyone else.

As always feedback is always appreciated - we want to make this a product you love. feedback@fixflo.com


  • We've changed the star icon to a bookmark icon to identify preferred contractors
  • As above, there is now a section called "Fixflo University" for agents to watch guidance videos
  • Agents can now find out the cost of the letting fee ban with our fee ban calculator on our marketing website
  • Added the ability to select logos for schemes and memberships to appear on the tenant responsibilities flyer, which you can find here

Simple and selective

We have been using the two terms simple and selective to define the way emails were being sent. Overtime, the setting has evolved and it's become confusing. As such, we've reworked the feature.

If the new setting is turned on:

  • Emails relating to any issue will be redirected to the central reporting email address regardless of agent assignment

For user who were previously using the "Simple" assignment, the new setting will be turned on by default. If you would like to change this, simply head over to Setup > Settings > Notifications

Proactive management
  • Contractor invoices can now be uploaded when completing a service event
  • A new link "Properties" has now been added to the Proactive Management menu section - when you click into any property in that list, you will be taken straight to the works planner

Bug fixes

  • PPM: fixed a bug that stopped users from adding another series after deleting one
  • PPM: fixed a bug where saving changes for a current and future event will result in an error
  • Fixed an issue with resetting issues to reported
  • Comments that have been read are now being marked as read correctly

We'd love your help! We think our Proactive Management feature is pretty good, but we want it to be amazing.

So get in touch for a demo - we'd love to show you how much time it can save you and have you shape it into the tool you need.

There's more... but we didn't want to bore you! Interested? Get in touch - feedback@fixflo.com

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