Hi all,

Another fortnight has passed and we've got another release out.

As always feedback is always appreciated - we want to make this a product you love. feedback@fixflo.com


  • We've made a slight upgrade to the occupier flyer so that it caters to all occupiers globally (the older versions are still available)
  • Users can now select more than one photo at a time when uploading pictures for an issue
  • We've made the vertical scroll bar easier to see and use (what's the point of it if you can't find it, right?!)
  • Landlords will now receive close reason notes in the PDF if you send them an FYI when closing an issue
  • Assigned agents will be notified via email if a private note has been added by other agents


  • Contractor email subject line has been updated to be more concise and simpler, so they have a lot more clarity with what needs doing before even opening the email
  • Issue PDFs for contractors have also been cut down to show them only what they need to see
  • Added back some fields that were missing in the contractor view of the issue details page
  • Feedback to the agent within job completion form is now mandatory
  • Let us know what more we can do to help contractors. We don't get enough feedback from them, and helping them helps you! feedback@fixflo.com

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where attaching images failed on iOS Safari
  • Fixed a bug where the happiness widget was not showing correctly to users (we were wondering why you'd all gone so quiet lately...!)
  • Fixed the save button in the billing contact details page
  • Fixed a bug where some notes were hidden from agents
  • Fixed an issue where all the necessary fields in issue details were not being shown to contractors

Proactive Management

  • You can now create service programmes to occur weekly
  • You can now assign events to agents - plan things like those period property inspections!
  • We've added new panels for service agreements and events on the dashboard
  • Agents can now view agreements and events specific to a contractor within the contractor profile (make it a little easier to identify just what you've asking them to do!)

We'd love your help! We think our Proactive Management feature is pretty good, but we want it to be amazing.

So get in touch for a demo - we'd love to show you how much time it can save you and have you shape it into the tool you need.

There's more... but we didn't want to bore you! Interested? Get in touch - feedback@fixflo.com

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