It's been a while since we last appeared with a shiny new release for you all, but for good reason - we've been busy and a lot has changed! 

One thing you will notice immediately is the change to our user interface, hopefully this won't come as a massive shock - we've sent out a few emails over the last month or two letting you know it was coming.

Don't worry, the new interface might look very different, but that doesn't mean you now have to learn Fixflo again from scratch - in terms of the changes, they're largely cosmetic. Read on for more details on this latest release, including everything else we have been working on for the past month!

Another thing you really need to know: we've changed the term "tenant" to "occupier" throughout the system (after all, every tenant is an occupier, but not every occupier is a tenant!)


User Interface

Everything's had a visual overhaul. To help you start, here are some of the main changes:

  • Menu moved to the left (but don't worry - it's pretty much the same menu!)
  • Removed the empty borders on the sides of the webpage, and reduced the amount of space taken up by the top banner
  • Within issues, you used to switch between people on the left - we've made better use of the space and people are now split by expandable sections.


  • Added internet as a main fault category
  • Comments now use a much easier way of selecting recipients - it's now like you do for emails, familiar and easy
  • We've also separated out private issue notes to it's own tab - comments go to someone, but these are just for your records, best to keep these separate!
  • In an issue, notes are now separated from "Key information" - this makes sure that your own reminders to yourself are easy to spot. No more forgetting that that Landlord has British Gas Homecare!
  • In light of "Proactive Management" (see below!) we've renamed the old Events/Reminders to just Reminders. They still work the same but we're hoping you adopt Proactive Management in the future - read on below and get in touch! 

Proactive Management in Lettings

Proactive management is a big part of property management - no matter how many issues a tenant raises, theres things that need to be done periodically, and we think we've solved that! This feature has been in our Block product for a while, but it's had a big rework.

You can set up service programmes for work that needs to take place at a property (think of them like recurring meetings). You can then specify the contractor on a per event basis, or use a service agreement to apply a contractor to lots of events. Either way, when the time comes, the contractor will be automatically instructed!

We'd love your help! We think our Proactive Management feature is pretty good, but we want it to be amazing. So get in touch for a demo - we'd love to show you how much time it can save you and have you shape it into the tool you need.


  • Contractors can now provide notes when raising an invoice - it all helps to ensure you know what they're charing for


  • Ever want to include contractors quote documents when sending a landlord quotes to review? Well now you can... but only if you want!


  • Added the option to search by building within the Leaseholders and Units page
  • Units can be searched by their external reference
  • Increased the consistency of the compliance matrix search layout

Bugs Fixed

  • Removed duplication of "Message to landlord" field in the comments section
  • Fixed issue with feedback emails to tenants not being sent out
  • Fixed issue where the contractor cost and works cost of a completed issue couldn't exceed £1000

There's more... but we didn't want to bore you! Interested? Get in touch -

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