We’ve noticed that more and more people have been sending us their feedback through the recently added happiness widget – that’s great! Keep those voices loud and clear and we will take care of the rest!

For our Fixflo Block customers, we have been working hard on some improvements to our proactive maintenance features, so that managing service programmes and service agreements will be even less of a headache – read on for the full story!


  • Addresses you've added to your agency’s Fixflo will now be mixed in with the addresses we find when we look up a postcode... but don't worry, no-one with know which are which. This should make a massive difference to stop tenants logging issues to the wrong addresses! (Credit for this goes to feedback from a Fixflo pro-user, Sheldon! Thanks!)

  • You can now login to our Helpdesk with your Fixflo credentials – saves you from having to login twice or remember two passwords! (Now there's no excuse not to comment on our latest release!)


  • Changed “Submit saved quotes” to “Save and submit all” so there is no need to save first before submitting quotes to the agent - we know this had confused some contractors so we rushed to address the feedback!

  • Added the breakdown of contractor costs (Labour, Materials, Other) to the job completion details page so they can provide a more accurate update to the cost of works undertaken


  • Added feedback from contractors into invoice comments when creating an invoice within Fixflo - more feedback being addressed; we listened when you told us how often these comments helped justify invoice costs.

  • You can add a comment for the contractor when you reset their quote to pending, that way they're not left in the dark about what you'd like from them, saving you yet another phone-call!

  • Added the ability to preview purchase order before creating it, that way you can confirm that the landlord is set correctly

  • Changed the list of contractors order from random to alphabetical – just keeping things logical wherever we can!


The following changes only apply to Fixflo Block

  • When changing the event frequency, first event due date, and instruction reminder, all relevant events will be created to satisfy the new service programme details (existing events that have been instructed or are ongoing/closed will not be altered) - but don't fret, we've made it super clear which haven't yet been assigned a contractor to actually do the work!

  • We've added more clarity on what service agreements are and how you can add one onto a programme

  • We've added a message within Service Agreements page to inform you if no contractor has been attached

  • We've also added a new status in block planner to show which events have no contractor linked to them

  • Events will no longer be deleted when a service agreement is ended – active and past events within the agreement will not change, however pending agreements will become unassigned and will not be automatically instructed (see above for identifying the unassigned ones!)

  • When a service agreement is created from a service programme, the system will infer the landlord from the block that the agreement is for

  • We've added a prompt for you to assign a block if an issue does not have an assigned estate/block

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where nothing happens when a landlord rejects a quote, and the issue cannot be progressed 

  • Fixed a bug where some users were not getting scheduled reports they would normally get

There's more... but we didn't want to bore you! Interested? Get in touch - feedback@fixflo.com

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