• Have you noticed our new feedback widget that pops up when you log in? Well, you can now find the option under the Help button so you can let us know what you think any time you want!
  • We've added a new option to report issues for vacuum under appliances.


  • We've added a reply button in Comments section to make it even easier to keep that critical dialogue going - we wouldn't want your contractors to go quiet on your about a critical issue!
  • We've reworded the dashboard panel "Actions to do" to "Attention required" - you don't always have an action, but these things are definitely worth your attention!
  • The back button on our pages is now a little more intelligent than the normal browser back button, it'll get you to where it makes sense for what you're doing!
  • We've added a Teams column for when you're exporting the list of agents. Got big teams and doing a bit of a shuffle? Well we've got you covered!


  • We've ensured that invoices always have the contractors details on - even if they've not specified a specific address for their invoices.
  • Contractors can now update an invoice created by an agent - saves you having to update it more than once!


  • Agents will receive a notification when a contractor marks a service event as complete - we know how crucial it is you're on top of planned maintenance.

Bug fixes

  • We've ensured that the invoice creation popup will not fit on all screens! It's not much use if you can't click Save!
  • We've fixed a bug where pressing Home button will reset the language back to English when tenants are reporting issues

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