Private and communal issues offer a slightly different process to cater to two different scenarios.

Private issues exist within the area rented by the tenant. The tenant has the right to specify whether they want to be there for anyone to visit. They also have the ability to accept/decline a contractors suggested appointment time, and give feedback on the service when the issue has been resolved.

A communal issue is different, in that it exists outside of any one tenant's rented space. The tenant may report it, but they needn't be there when it's worked on, and they therefore don't have the right to accept/decline an appointment time, or feed back on the service.

Currently, all issues in Block are communal, while all issues in Fixflo for lettings (Fixflo Standard and Plus) are private. In the future we plan to update communal issues within Plus to be truly communal and follow the slightly different rules explained above.