Important messages

  • We've gotten so much feedback from the popup added last release! So thank you very much. We're lagging behind a little on the replies, but bear with us - this sort of feedback is what allows us to make your lives easier!
  • We're still mulling over the idea of renaming “tenants” to “occupiers” in our system. (This is because everyone living in a property is an occupier, but not all occupiers are tenants – some are leaseholders.) Let us know your thoughts!


  • The help button for agents now offers access to our excellent (FREE) training. Find it there, or just click here! (Yes, we know that was last release... but we just wanted to make sure you guys know we're here to help!)
  • We're also working on a version of Fixflo for Build to Rent. It's essentially all the best bits of Block and Plus, with some extra consideration...
    If you're interested we'd love to hear from you. Please drop me a line at!
  • Within an issue, we'd accidentally lost the status column for related issues - we realised that made it a bit of a pain so we've added that back in!

  • We've renamed "Reported problems" to "Issues" - they're called "Issues" everywhere else!
  • We've renamed the "Manage" tab within issues to "Assignment"... that's what it manages after all!

  • We've arranged the language options in alphabetical order. Tenants should have an easier time looking for their own language.

  • "Agency admin" is now called "Setup". It's what's in there after all, and it's what everyone else calls a page like that. 


  • You can now provide instructions when assigning a job to external users. We figured this might come in handy to ensure they know what you're asking of them - it avoid the issue slipping through the cracks.
  • Added SafeDeposit to the deposit schemes available on Fixflo.

Alternate addresses

For those times when the tenants are being a little creative with the address they submit an issue with!

  • Alternate addresses are now hidden from the main address list, making your list of properties a lot tidier. Don’t worry – if you ever need to search for them, just use our advanced search criteria “Include alternate address” when searching. And of course, they still show up within the settings for the main property!
  • Along the same lines, if we see an issue come in with what looks like a new address, but closely matches an existing property (first 2 lines and the postcode) we'll automatically log it as an alternate address. This means you're less likely to end up with 16 variations of the same address!


Please note these changes only apply to Block:

  • We've moved options that related to the compliance matrix and service programmes to a new top-level menu called “Proactive maintenance”. This is what those pages are all about, and should give our awesome planned & preventative maintenance features the spotlight they deserve!

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the status remains as “Quotes Requested” when you reject one of the quotes. 

  • Fixed an issue where users are redirected to an error page when they select email calendar invite.

  • Fixed an issue where email notifications were not going to interested people.

  • Fixed an issue where the job duration field is deleted when a user generates an invoice. 

There's more... but we didn't want to bore you! Interested? Get in touch -

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