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  • Happy new year from Fixflo!
  • In a coming release, we will be renaming “tenants” to “occupiers” in our system. This is because everyone living in a property is an occupier, but not all occupiers are tenants – some are leaseholders. Let us know your thoughts!


  • When requesting quotes, it's now your choice whether the contractor can see the tenant's name and number, or whether they can only chat through in system comments (Block and Plus)
  • Contractors can now request a calendar invite to a job appointment; no more tenants calling the agency about why Bob hasn't turned up to fix that leak (Block and Plus) 
  • When quoting, contractors can now break down their quote by materials, labour and "other" - handy to know why they're charging so much! (Currently only visible to agents and the contractor) (Block and Plus)
  • We now support bulk uploading contractors with certification statuses, so if you've got a load of contractors to add to the system, we've made it a whole lot easier to tell us which is actually qualified! (Block and Plus)


  • When a contractor declines a job, no more mystery about why! The agent will now get an email, it's shown in the next step bullet points and also the audit. (Block and Plus)
  • You can now limit tenants/occupiers from seeing past issues - this can be done on their profile and defaults to the date their account was created! (Block and Plus)
  • The newly added contractor logos don't just show up in invoices, they show up everywhere you'd expect! (Block and Plus)
  • The system now greets you by name instead of your agent ID, hi AG3268932 John Simmonds 
  • It now says "Select language" alongside the Globe icon to choose another language - we'd heard tenants weren't managing to find it!
  • Adding a new user (agent, tenant, contractor, landlord) always sent them an email - now it recommends they create a password immediately, rather than having to jump through hoops the first time they try and log on.
  • We've added a "Unmanaged property" closure reason, select it and send a comment to the tenant via the FYI email option in order to point them in the right direction for getting their issue sorted!
  • Contractors can now disable instant email notifications if they're feeling a little inundated.
  • Contractors now get told if the quotation period is extended, no-one likes being kept in the dark.


  • Invoices created in the system by an agent are now visible to the contractor (Block and Plus)

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