Read these if nothing else!

  • In a coming release, we will be renaming “tenants” to “occupiers” in our system. This is because everyone living in a property is an occupier, but not all occupiers are tenants – some are leaseholders.
    This allows us to standardise the term “occupier” across our products. What do you need to do? Nothing! You’ve already done everything you need to by reading this! 


  • Contractors can now provide multiple quotes! When the professional solution is blutack or a whole new boiler, you can now get a quote for both!
    As an agent, you can also create multiple quotes for your contractors, as well as have the landlord review all of them. (Plus and Block only)
  • You can now deactivate properties that you no longer manage. Meaning no more clutter for you loyal longtime users of Fixflo! It also deactivates any sub properties, tenants and issues though, so be careful if the landlord is prone to changing her mind! (Plus and Block only)
  • Contractors can now generate an invoice in system when they're marking a job as complete. There's some extra information they need to add to their profile, but once that's done it's seconds to create a complete invoice based on all the info in the system. (Plus and Block only)


  • The review quote screens for agents and landlords now show the prices alongside the contractors name. Much easier than opening them all up to work out which is which! (Plus and Block only)


  • No more misleading warnings when being stopped from sending comments - you're now told it may just be because the user is locked! (Plus and Block only)
  • In the Block planner, the overall compliance state accurately reflects the state of the most recent compliance check. (Block only) 

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