Read these if nothing else!

  • In a coming release, we will be renaming “tenants” to “occupiers” in our system. This is because everyone living in a property is an occupier, but not all occupiers are tenants – some are leaseholders.
    This allows us to standardise the term “occupier” across our products. What do you need to do? Nothing! You’ve already done everything you need to by reading this!


  • Users in Fixflo Standard can now close issues (now if only you had Plus we could help you get them there!)
  • You can now select from a list of manufacturers when raising an issue related to an appliance (no more guessing how many 's's in Zanussi!)
  • Related issues can now be linked together to make keeping track of them a little easier. (Plus only)


  • In-system notifications now jump out at you (chances are you saw it on your way to read these!) – we don’t want you missing an exciting update.
  • You can now choose whether other inhabitants of a property/block can see each other’s issues (it’s under agency settings). (Plus only)
  • We’ve improved our password policy, no more just using “password”!
  • The audit trail now shows who sent an email. (Plus only)
  • Emails instructing contractors to do work now include the contractors own quote text – just to jog their memories! (Plus only)


  • No more early morning wake-ups for tenants – the email reminders that a contractor is coming are now sent after the sun is up. (Plus only)

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