This tutorial will explain how to generate an authentication token for Payprop in Fixflo. This will allow you to integrate your Fixflo and Payprop systems. 

To create (or reset) a token first login to your Fixflo account. Then click on "View Profile".

Next, from your profile click "Authentication tokens"

In the "App Id*" field, type in "PAYPROP". Make sure to use capitals. 

Then click "+Add"


Authentication tokens are very long and are case sensitive. Use the "copy" button or click on the field then press "Ctrl+C" to copy the value to you clipboard.

4.  Enter your "Authentication Token" into your PayProp System as follows:

  • paste your Authentication Token into the "Fixflo agency API Key" box
  • enter your Fixflo Agency id (Tip: Your Fixflo Agency ID is also available from the Authentication Tokens page in your Fixflo system and can be copied and pasted into your PayProp system)
  • Click "Activate this feature"