When files are downloaded from Fixflo they are named using the original file name or description; sometimes a different naming convention is preferable.

You can specify a naming convention for different types of files using your agency settings.

A number of placeholders can be used and combined to create the name format you prefer.

For example the following format:


will create a filename like


For invoice documents the following placeholders are available:

[ISSUENO] - The id of the issue

[CONTRACTORNO] - The id of the contractor

[CONTRACTORNAME] - The companyname of the contractor

[EXTERNALCONTRACTORREF] - The external reference of the contractor

[CONTRACTOR-INVOICENO] - The contractor invoice number/ref as entered by the contractor

[YYYY] - The year the invoice was added eg 2015

[MM] - The month the invoice was added eg 01

[MMM] - The month the invoice was added eg Jan, Feb

[ADDRESSLINE1] - The address line 1 of the issue

[BLOCKNAME] - The block relating to the issue (if applicable)