It might be useful for you to match data in Fixflo with data in other systems. For example, you might wish to tie-up a tenancy agreement number in Fixflo with your billing system. To help accomplish this you can define an external reference and this will appear as an additional input field on the relevant entity.

You should note that:

The number of fields offered depends on whether your system is set up as Fixflo or Fixflo Plus

The exact behaviour of each field depends on the field's purpose. The available external reference fields are listed below

External Tenancy Agreement

This value is available to all Fixflo customers. This value is designed to support the collection of the tenancy agreement number when a new issue reported. If enabled a new input value becomes available (as part of the tenant details). The tenant is then prompted for this information.

External Job Reference

This value is available to Fixflo Plus customers only. This value is designed to record a purchase order or invoice number against a Job. For some organisations it is useful to help ensure appropriate authority is given to contractors before undertaking works OR useful to tie-up jobs with invoices,