Authentication tokens are used to match third party systems with your Fixflo account. In other words, authentication tokens are used by other apps to mimic your login and add and update data on your behalf. If you have been asked for an authentication token you may create one via Fixflo and copy the value into the third party system.

Each third-party system uses their own token. When creating the authentication token please ensure you create a token specifically for the application.

To create (or reset) a token first login to your Fixflo account. Then click on "View Profile".

Next, from your profile click "Authentication tokens"

In the "App Id*" field, type in the name of the app you wish to integrate with. Note that this should be spelt in capital letters. For example, if you wish to integrate with "Payprop", please type "PAYPROP". 

Then click "+Add"


Authentication tokens are very long and are case sensitive. Use the "copy" button or click on the field then press "Ctrl+C" to copy the value to you clipboard.