Within the Fixflo Plus system you can create maintenance reminders.

These can be created on a property by going to ‘Properties’ and select the relevant property from the list. Once you are in the property record you click the ‘Actions’ button on the right hand side of the screen and that will display an option to ‘Create reminder’

You will then be able to create a reminder and set the date and time period prior to the action date that you would like to be reminded.

Once created you can view all your reminders by clicking ‘Reported Problems’ on your main bar and then selecting ‘Events/reminders’ and then ‘Maintenance reminders’. This is shown on the screen shot below:

This will then display to you all your reminders by category. To view a particular issue click into the particular title of the reminder, for example, Gas Safe Certificate, and select the reminder.

This will display the reminder for you and show the option to then ‘create issue’ as shown below:

Simply then select the type of issue you would like to create and follow the steps to create the new issue.