The graph shows how long in weeks it took for an issue to be marked as done

from when it was first reported to Fixflo to when it was marked as complete in

the system by a contractor. *

The graph is a histogram, not a bar-chart. It does not show the particular week

in the year, quarter or month that it was completed in. The values in each bar

are the total number of issues that were marked in the completed state for either

of one week to seven or more.

Across the the y-axis, on the left-hand-side, is the total number of issues

completed. On the x-axis, along the bottom, are how many weeks from one week

(Wk1) to seven or more weeks (Wk7 or more). Hence the first bar represents

issues completed from between zero (0) to six (6) days, the next bar

represents issues completed between seven (7) to 13 days and so on

until the last which represents issues that took longer than forty-two (42)

days to complete.

What are the completed states?

The completed states are any of the following:

  • Job Closed
  • Job Completed Awaiting Feedback
  • Job Completed Tenant Accepted
  • Job Completed Ready For Closure

What job closed statuses are not included?

Issues where the job has been completed but the the tenant has not accepted are

not included.

What is healthy?

Having issues completed in a week or two is ideal. The bars should reduce

going from left to right. Anything beyond 6 weeks is very unusual as is having

a peak in the middle rather than on the left hand side. We know this by looking

at the data across all the thousand or so Fixflo Plus Agencies, with their

75K issues over the lifetime of the Fixflo system.

* Note this is not the time the issue was marked complete by you, the

Agency, in the system.