You may have a situation when a reported issue requires a contractor to visit the property to understand the issue before submitting a quotation for the work.

Another scenario could be you instruct a contractor to carry out a repair but when they attend the property the problem is much greater than initial reported and falls outside your authorisation limit and requires quotations for the landlord’s approval before the work can start.

There is now functionality within the system to help in these situations!

When instructing a contractor you can highlight in the quotation notes whether the job is to only visit the property for the purpose of a quotation and that no work should be carried out.

Following the visit, the contractor will get an email instructing them to mark the job as completed. Instead of marking the job as completed, they would select ‘Provide quote instead’ 

This will take the contractor to the quotation screen where they can enter their quotation and add any documentation.

The issue will then come back to the property manager to progress the repair.