Currently when a contractor marks the job as being completed the reporting tenant will then receive an email asking them to firstly confirm that they agree the works have been completed, and secondly is an opportunity to ask them some issue/ contractor feedback questions.

As a default the tenant is given 7 days to respond to this email, after that it is assumed that the works have been satisfactorily completed, and returns to the property manager to close the issue.

There is now the option to change the time period tenants have to respond. This can be found in 'Setup' and then 'Settings'. It is under the 'Issue Settings' - you will need to expand the 'Issue/contractor feedback' section.

There is the ability to select from 0 to 28 days. If 0 days is selected the tenant will not receive to option to mark the job as completed. Please note that you will not be able to close the job until either the tenant responds to say that the job has been completed or the number of days you have chosen have ticked over.

To check what additional questions around the issue and contractor are being asked to the tenant use the link ‘Click here to review or edit the feedback questions’

You will then be able to tick or un-tick the questions you want the system to present to the tenant and click Save.