To help promote your Fixflo system to your occupiers we would recommend that you text your occupiers about the system. This can be done through the system to notify them of how to report their maintenance issues through your Fixflo system.

To use this functionality simply login to Fixflo and go to the 'Promote' section and then sub-section 8, 'Text your occupiers'

Adding text message credits

This functionality works on the basis of credits, with one text credit costing 4 pence. To request credits you will need to ‘click here to request credits’ that will open an email to our support team. Within the email you will need to put how many credits you wish to add to your account. The cost of the text messages will be on a separate invoice to your monthly subscription. 

Once the Fixflo support team has confirmed the credits onto your system you will then be able to start sending text messages.

Sending text messages

To start sending text messages click the ‘Get texting now’ link

Your available credits will be shown as your ‘Credit balance’

The text message must include the web address of your Fixflo system in order to be valid.

Once you are happy with the message click ‘Save’ and start to copy and paste your tenant mobile numbers into the space provided ensuring that each number is on a separate line.

Finally click ‘Send Message’

Any messages that have not sent will not be charged for.