Where there are related occupiers to an issue or multiple ocupiers at a property these can be created to allow for communication to them rather than just to the reporting occupier.

The reporting occupier will be shown within ‘Next Steps’ as the ‘Occupier’

If there are already related or multiple occupiers attached to a property there will be an interested party called ‘Occupiers (other)’ shown within the ‘Next Steps’


To be able to see the exact details of the related occupiers these can be found within the ‘Related’ tab of the issue.

Other occupiers will be listed, and this list will include current occupiers as well as previous occupiers who no longer live at the property.

Current or previous occupier– how do I know?

The current occupiers will be visible by the green padlock next to their details.

If the padlock is red it means they are a previous occupier who are no longer occupies the property. To reinstate the occupier as a current occupier just click the padlock to return it to green.

Adding a Related Occupier

To add an occupier to the list of occupiers you will need to click the ‘Add occupier’ button that will take you to the occupier creation screen.

Changing the original reporting occupier to related occupier

If you want to change the reporting occupier to a related occupier of the property, for example if that occupier is going on holiday, within the occupier details within the ‘Related’ tab there are flags next to each occupier.

By clicking the flag you will transfer that occupier as the reporting occupier and the original reporting occupier will now become a related occupier.

Communication to all occupiers

If wanting to communicate with all occupiers including reporting and related occupiers select the ‘Comments’ tab and then select from the list ‘Public Note email sent to reporting occupier and related occupiers’ type in your message and click ‘Send Message’