Your fault tree is the set of icons (pictures) occupiers use to report their maintenance issues. There are options available to you to customise your fault tree, matching the reporting process to your business. For example, you might wish to:

  • add new specific messages to particular faults
  • edit existing messages
  • hide or show icons

You can edit your fault tree via your agency administration dashboard. Once you are logged in, select 'Fault tree edit' which will become available when you maximise 'Setup'.

The Fault tree edit screen is divided into two halves. The left hand side provides instructions and options to change your fault tree. The right hand side allows you to navigate the fault tree.

When a fault category icon is selected an option is given to hide the fault category icon from your fault tree. 

Not all fault icons can be hidden. Fault category icons called "Other" and fault categories relating to planned maintenance cannot be hidden.

When a fault is selected different options are offered.

These options allow popup messages to added, removed or edited. More information about how to change popups and content can be found here