Once the contractor has completed his work , he can upload appliance warranties, certificates or other completion documents and save the job as completed. . Once up-loaded the contractor will be able to add expiry dates to the document. The tenant, landlord, contractor and agent can see these documents.

To upload the completion document:

1) Log in as a contractor. Go to Reported issues -> Awaiting completion tab


2) Select the issue and scroll down to 'Completion documents' section and Click on the '+' icon to upload the completion document.

Contractor can enter an Expiry date for the document. To do the same:

3) Click on the 'Edit' icon  displayed next to the document uploaded. Move to 'Document expiry' section , select a date from the calendar and set a date.

If agent wishes to upload completion document on behalf of the contractor :

1) Log in as an agent and click on the issue that is awaiting job completion.

2) Click on the contractor tab.

3) In the 'Job completion details ' section, click on the "+" section to upload the document and save the job completed.