Reminders lets you keep track of all the things you need to know like the due dates of the tasks that needs to be completed.

Fixflo helps you to organize your tasks by adding reminders to your properties. With Reminders you can:

  • create date based notifications;
  • view your reminders by list or schedule; 
  • search for specific reminders;

Edit/delete your events/reminders.

Here is how you set reminders for your property maintenance:

1) Log in to the Fixflo application with valid details.

2) Click on Properties and find your property.


3) Click on the property. Go to Actions -> Add reminder.

4) Add a Calendar event, set reminder and Save the same.

5) Once the reminder is saved, User can 'Dismiss reminder' or completely 'delete the event'.

6) To have a look at all your Events/Reminders, Go to Reported Problems -> Events/Reminders

7)  You can search for your maintenance reminders based on their due dates.



8) You can find your Daily, weekly or Monthly set of maintenance reminders by clicking on Reported Problems -> Event/reminders -> Calendars