If you wish to review recently received issue reports you can do so through your administration console. 

Step 1 - Log in to your Fixflo system (this is the website that your occupiers use to report repairs to you)

Step 2 - Click on 'Reported issues' and 'Issues submitted'. (note that Fixflo Standard users will be taken directly to the 'Issues Submitted' screen)

Step 3 - Review list of issues

The list of issues is shown in date order with the most recently created at the top of the list. 

Issues may be searched for using the box titled "Search" - You can search for issues, for example, by:

  • Issue id
  • Occupier name
  • First line of the property address
  • Post code

a) The resend button re-emails the issue report, to your agency only. (Fixflo Standard only from this point onward)

Note: an email is NOT sent to the occupier. An email is sent to your agency using your system's current email settings.

b) The 'Response button' allows you to email a response to the reporting occupier different to that which is sent by default from the system. Please note that this email is sent in addition to, not instead of, the standard email response an occupier receives.

Select the default response, delete it and type in your required alternate response. Then click 'Send updated response'.

c) The 'Options' button lets you do the following: 

  • Download the Agent version of the issue as a PDF. This is identical to the attachment sent with the email notification received from Fixflo.
  • Download a 'Landlord version' of the issue report. The landlord version excludes all occupier contact details.
  • Download only the photos attached with the issue as a PDF.
  • Clicking 'Audit' history will show you all actions taken on the issue in Fixflo. This is useful as it can track the status of emails sent/opened by agency staff and occupiers. (see image 3 below)
  • Clicking 'Notifications' will take you to a screen explaining which agent received the issue report and why. This is particularly useful if you use postcode assignment. (see image 4 below)
  • Clicking 'Ombudsman and Deposit Schemes' allows you to create and send a PDF report of the issue in the format required by your Ombudsman or deposit scheme.