Fixflo is an online repair management system for property managers.


It allows repairs to be carried out more quickly and efficiently.


The system has been designed to help contractors as well as other users of the system (landlords, tenants and property managers).


Three key benefits for you are:


1. better quality information (and photos) of the repairs required at the start of the process;

2. reminders of jobs you have coming up; and

3. the ability to review jobs and quotes that you have submitted.


You may start to receive jobs through the Fixflo system and this is a short guide to help you to get started.


If you have any questions or suggestions for improvement please get in touch via email to help@fixflo.com


Please add the email address no-reply@fixflo.com to your contacts to ensure that you receive emails from the Fixflo system.

New Jobs


You will be alerted to new jobs by email.




The email will let you know whether you have been instructed to carry out works or whether a quote is required, together with a short overview of the issue.


To get the full details of the issue and to enter a quote and/or when you will start the works please click on “View” as circled above in red.


Ongoing Jobs


Each time you are required to take a step to resolve an issue (eg to arrange access with a tenant, to confirm the works have been completed) you will receive an email from the Fixflo system.


Every email will detail what you need to do and have a link to allow you to view the issue and next step to progress it.






The Fixflo system has an integrated communication tool to allow you to send and receive messages from the property manager. This is located under the “Comments” tab.




Your Work Management


You do not need to log into the system to see new jobs and progress existing jobs. You can simply click on the links/buttons in emails you receive.

However, a number of contractors receiving jobs through Fixflo prefer to set up a password to be able to log in to view all upcoming and closed jobs whenever they want.


To do this click on the “Request a Password” link at the bottom of any email you receive from the Fixflo system.






The Fixflo system will remind you of jobs you have coming up and steps you need to take.


By creating a password and logging in you can amend the timing and frequency of these emails so that the system works better for you.


These email options are contained in “My Profile”.


The Fixflo Process