The messaging to occupiers from your Fixflo system is entirely customisable by you.

To edit existing messages you will need to maximise 'Setup' on the left hand side of the screen and then click on 'Content edit'.

Once you are in 'Content edit' you can choose which message you would like to edit. It is just like a word document where you can simply type in the text box and then press 'Save'. Please note that you can embed photos and videos to these pop up boxes.  

To add and remove messages for issues you will need to select the issue through the 'Fault tree edit', this is also underneath 'Setup'. 

Then select the fault by clicking on the pictures in the panel on the right hand side.

To remove a message choose None in the drop down menu of messages on the left hand side.

To add a new message for a fault select the fault from 'Fault tree edit' and select 'Add new'