Login to your Fixflo system. 

Click on the 'Setup' --> 'Settings'  button on your homepage.

Under 'Settings', click on the second tab entitled 'Email settings'.

You can then amend the 'Central Email Address' field with your chosen email address.

There are three basic settings that affect where new issue emails are set.

  • Central email address - is the main email address that new issue reports are sent to. This field is required and must be a valid email address
  • CC email address - new issue reports may be sent to multiple additional email addresses. Simply enter the additional email addresses in this field. Enter each additional email address on a separate line.
  • (Fixflo plus only) When a new issue is reported - is the field that describes the email options when a new issue is created.
    • Never - Do not email issue report
    • Always - Always email issue report
    • RaisedByTenant - Only when issue is raised by a tenant. In other words, if an issue is created by an agent on behalf of a tenant, an issue report email is not sent

Ensure you click the Save button to ensure any changes are saved

Fixflo Plus - Additional notes

The rules governing the use of the "Central email address" are a little more complex for customers using Fixflo plus. This is because:

  • this email address (and any CC email addresses) might be overridden if any post code allocation rules are put in place
  • this email address is used for other email communications beyond the initial issue report