If an occupier calls to report a maintenance issue you can add the issue to Fixflo for them. We recommend that you direct them to Fixflo for future maintenance issues. 

To add the issue to Fixflo yourself follow the instructions below:

Select 'Report Issues' from the menu on the left hand side of the screen,

This will create a dropdown (see above) where you can choose whether you would like to:

-Create the issue from the occupier (This option is available if you already have the occupier registered on your Fixflo system)

-Enter as you go (This option is for when you have not got that occupier registered on your Fixflo system)

When you choose the 'Enter as you go' option the occupier will then be added to your Fixflo system.

By following the on-screen instructions you can then report the issue on behalf of the occupier.

When you enter the occupier's email address they will be able to reset a password on the Fixflo system and receive email updates as their problem is resolved.