When you have received one of more quotes you would like to send to a landlord for approval:

1.  Select the issue and press the "Seek Landlord Review" button.  (You will not be able to do this if a quote is still pending. Make sure all quotes are submitted.) 

2.  If no landlord is associated with the property enter the landlord's email address in the box that appears.


3.  Tick the quote(s) you would like to send to the landlord for approval

4.  Press the Request Landlord Review button

Tip: You can change a landlord's details through the Landlords tab which is located under People in the top menu bar

What happens next?

The landlord is sent an email asking that they accept or reject the quotes. The email will look similar the below. The content portion (the body text) of the email may be altered using the Agency Administration console - click here for more information about editing email content

When the landlord clicks on the button in the email titled "Review quotations" they are taken to the Fixflo system and asked to accept or reject the quotations.

Once a landlord has approved or rejected each of the quotations there is nothing more for them to do. The landlord will be presented with a screen similar to the following. 

When the quotes have been reviewed by the landlord the agent will be asked to award the job to a contractor.

Expand the quote that is marked "Submitted, landlord accepted" and click on "Award Job". The contractor will then be sent an email informing them that they have been awarded the job.