Issue assignment - how issues are assigned to agents
What happens if a landlord is doing the works themselves or through their own contractor?
What happens if a tenant changes their contact details?
How do I instruct a contractor?
How can I just let a landlord know about an issue?
How do I get landlord approval of works?
How do I send additional instructions to a contractor?
What do I do if a landlord has added themselves as a tenant by mistake?
What do I do when a job has been completed?
What happens if an occupier calls with a problem?
How do I reduce the number of emails I receive?
How do I close or cancel an issue?
How do I add an issue for a vacant property?
How do I set up a work or payment authorisation limit for my agency?
How do I set a work authorisation limit for a landlord?
Issue status, chase date and priorities
Health and safety documents
Multiple occupiers at a property
Length of time to offer tenant feedback
Turning an instruction to a quote: Instructing a visit for a contractor to quote on works or works are outside of your authorisation limit
What does the graph show?
Adding documents to comments
How to create a reminder and how to create a new issue from a reminder
Setting up Agent Teams
How do I set up and manage contractor certificates?
Default file names
Invoice addressee
Contractor certification
Putting an issue on hold
Private and communal issues
How can a contractor change their quote?
How do I merge properties?
Find and/or re-activate a deleted user or property profile
How do I reduce the number of notifications my contractors receive?
Postcode assignment
Property and Landlord Assignment