Fixflo is an online repair management system for occupiers to accurately report repairs, and for agents to manage the process of requesting quotes and instructing works to contractors.

The system also allows agents to request approval for works to be carried out and is a communication tool between all parties involved to keep everything related to any issues in one place.

Ultimately Fixflo allows repairs to be carried out more quickly and efficiently.

Why it's great:

    • 24/7 online repair reporting - so easy that nothing gets missed
    • Photos of the problem - allowing accurate assessment of the work required
    • End to end management of repairs - nothing gets forgotten
    • Full documentation and a complete audit trail - every step is tracked

Please add the email address to your contacts to ensure that you receive email notifications from Fixflo.

Using Fixflo

When your agency starts using Fixflo, you will receive a welcome email and notification alerts for different tasks that need completing. You can simply click on the links/buttons in the emails that you receive to log in, see the job status and progress the issue.

Job Allocation

If you agree to take responsibility for the completion of the reported issue, your property agent can allocate the job to you instead of a contractor. You will receive an email with all details. The email will ask you to specify the date you are going to carry out the works.

Simply click the button to enter those details and you will be taken to your Fixflo account.

Firstly, if you click on the 'Detail' tab you will be able to see all details about the issue including any photos, documents or videos.

You can click 'Set Appointment Date', enter the date and press 'Save appointment date'

1. If the occupier has requested to be present, they will receive an email with the date you have specified and will need to confirm if they accept or reject this time.

You will receive an email notification alerting you to their decision.

Your next step will be to mark the job as complete once the works have been completed.

2. If the occupier has not requested to be present you are free to complete the works.

Entering job completion details

If you have been tasked with carrying out the works you will need to let the agency know once the job has been completed.

Simply click on the link in your confirmation email and click on 'Mark as complete'.

You can then enter any details you would like to disclose, and press 'Mark as complete'.

Reviewing Quotes

The second major workflow that will involve your interaction, is when an agent has requested your approval for quotes from a contractor(s) before they instruct works.

You will receive an email notification asking you to review the quotations.

If you click on the button in your email you will be able to see all the quote details.

This will take you to Fixflo and again you can use the 'Detail' tab to view all the information about the issue.

Click 'Review the quotations' to see these details.

You can then see all details and approve or reject the quotes accordingly.



You will have then completed your task and the agent will review your decision.

Using Comments

Think of the comments tab as emailing or messaging. You can message the Agent through this tab so that all communication is stored in one place, and you will be notified if the Agent sends you any messaged through Fixflo too.

Other email notifications

You may receive other various email notifications through Fixflo such as updates on issues at your property which you have not need to be involved in. The agent may just want to keep you posted on the status of the issue.

This may include:

  • When an issue has first been reported:

  • When quotes have been requested for a job at your property:

  • When the request for quotes has ended:

  • When a contractor has been awarded the job:

  • When the job has been marked as complete:

  • When an issue has been closed:


If an issue requires your attention, Fixflo will remind you by sending an email reminder at 8am during the week.

By creating a password and logging in you can amend the timing and frequency of these emails so that the system works better for you. You can change when you'd like to receive these reminder emails by visiting "My Profile" page.

If you complete all actions required of you, you will not receive reminder emails.

Setting your ' Work Authorisation limit'

You can set your Work Authorisation limit by visiting 'My Profile' page too. Go to the 'Work Authorisation limit" section and set your limits.

Works or quotes that exceed the listed value will be flagged. If this value is empty the default works authorisation limit for the agency will be used.

If you have any questions or suggestions for improvement please get in touch via email to