InventoryBase integrates with Fixflo Standard and Fixflo Plus

Fixflo integrates with the inventory app InventoryBase so that when you are conducting inventory checks, you can use InventoryBase's 'Actions' facility to transfer your issues to your Fixflo account. 

Setting up the integration

To set up the integration you will need to find the Domain and Token for your Fixflo site.

Log in to your Fixflo site and go to My Profile > Authentication Tokens.

Enter 'INVENTBASE' in the App Id* field and click Add. Please note this is case sensitive and does not accept other characters so this must be written as 'INVENTBASE'.

An Authentication token will then be generated for you; hit 'Copy' to copy and paste this.

Head over to your InventoryBase account, and follow the following directions:

  • Settings > Integrations > Connect Fixflo

  • From here, enter in your Fixflo domain name [] and select continue

  • Once you have entered your account information, scroll down and paste the authentication token (also called Access Token) in the box provided

  • After clicking Confirm Flixflo Connection, your InventoryBase account will have successfully been integrated!