If an issue is reported via Fixflo, we use webhooks to push this information through to Qube. Qube maps the information we pass through to the right place - either as a call in Qube PM, or in Maintenance Manager.

If a resident logs a communal issue against a building, this will be logged against the building record in Qube - the same goes for if it's a private issue against a unit.

Issue updates:
When an issue is logged it will appear in the Maintenance Management module, or as a call in Qube PM.

When the issue has been 'Marked as complete' in Fixflo (after progressing it), the status is also updated in Qube. 

When costs have been entered into Fixflo and either an invoice is created using our generator tool - or uploaded in PDF/doc form - this will be pulled into the Purchase Ledger in Qube. 

The invoice will be added to the Invoice Register; this can be edited in Qube PM (e.g. adding service charge numbers or account details). The issue summary (PDF document of the issue report) is attached under the Documents tab, as well as a copy of the invoice. 

All of this information is linked to the contractor/supplier and property record. 

Just to reiterate - you will not have visibility of repair and maintenance issues raised in Qube PM until they have been marked as closed in Fixflo.