The best way to use AXA Emergency Home Services is to cut out the delay or hassle of manually instructing emergency or out of hours jobs.

Set up a rule with Co-pilot, Fixflo’s automated works assistant to ensure that any jobs that you want covered, are automatically instructed to the AXA Emergency Home Services contractor network. 

Ultimately, this helps to speed up the time to resolution of the overall issue and ensure all emergency issues reported out of hours are covered appropriately and quickly.

Set-up a rule in Co-Pilot

Go to the Co-pilot tab:

and click 'Add a new rule' in the top right-hand corner.

You will now need to add filters to define your rule.

Choose the 'Covered by network' option from the drop-down.

Optionally add other filters, such as specifying the fault types, your out of hours times etc.

You will then need to specify the correct action which is: 'Instruct works (network)'.

Once saved, ensure the rule is correctly positioned - Co-pilot rules are checked top down for any new issue, and so the top is the safest place to position any new rule that you want to be certain always works.

Optional Filters

Examples of other filters include:

  • Time
  • Location
  • Landlord
  • Fault priority

  • Raised by (agent or other)

This helps you to narrow down the scope of issues that are automatically instructed to AXA Emergency Home Services Network.