Provision of KYC documentation under the 'Required documents' is only mandatory if your agency wishes to charge a works management fee on jobs instructed to AXA Emergency Home Services.

If this process is not completed, you can still receive works management fees up to a total of €1000. Beyond that, any works management fees collected on behalf of your agency will be held by Mangopay until the required documents have been uploaded and verified.

KYC documentation is required to protect against money laundering and fraud, and the checking of the documents is one of the services provided by Mangopay.

Providing KYC Documentation

Go to the 'Required Documents' tab. You will see 4 documents that you have to provide:

  • Proof of identity
  • Articles of Association
  • Proof of registration
  • Shareholder declaration

The is guidance throughout the tab, explaining what documentation is required for each of the document types.

Once uploaded, the required documents must be checked by Mangopay, a process which can take several days. If one or more documents fail to pass the checks, an email will be sent to the email address of the director set in the 'Director’s details' tab.

You will also be able to check this tab to see the status of each document e.g Pending, Accepted.

Final Steps

In order for you to require and collect works management fees through work instructed to a contractor network, you must be VAT registered.

To enter the required details please do to the 'Settings' tab.

Once you have confirmed that you are VAT registered, you will be able to set your works management fee.

Please note that the maximum management fee (percentage) you can receive is 20%.