In order to set-up AXA Emergency Home Services in your Fixflo account you will need to provide us with:

  • Your company details

  • A directors details (they have to be at director level within your company) 

  • Your bank account details (for creation of a direct debit mandate)

Once you have added these details this will allow payment for works to be made. 

Adding Company and Director Details

After you have accepted the T&C's head go to the 'Directors Details' tab.

To proceed you will need to enter all required information. 

You will need to accept the Mangopay terms and conditions (this is the third party provider we are using to ensure payment for works can be made) and click 'Save' once complete.

Adding Bank Account Details

Once the above has been completed please navigate to the 'Bank accounts' tab. 

You will need to enter the details of the bank account that's going to be used to pay for works instructed via the AXA Emergency Home Services contractor network.

Once the bank account details have been entered, it will be possible to create a direct debit mandate. 

This will take you to Mangopay, where you must review and accept their terms and conditions. In Fixflo you will need to click 'Create and Confirm Mandate'.

Tick the box to confirm you are authorised to create a mandate, and then'Confirm' to return to Fixflo.

After this, your direct debit mandate will have been successfully created. 

Providing that you have accepted the T&C's you will now be able to use AXA Emergency Home Services.