There may be occasions where a Landlord or Leaseholder is also the occupier of a unit.

In these cases, it is worth setting the individual up under all three roles. Using the same email address will link the profiles and allow the individual to switch between roles when logged into the Fixflo system.

To switch profiles, a user can login as any profile and click the three dots/profile button in the top left-hand corner (shown above) which will bring up a drop-down list of all the profiles available to them.

Selecting another role won't log you them of the system but will just switch the profile. 

This can be useful as the tenant profile allows a leaseholder or landlord (client) to log issues.

This means that if somebody wants to report an issue from a unit they live in and they are also the registered Landlord or Leaseholder, they can switch profiles with a couple of clicks and report their issue as well as being able to go over existing issues as a Landlord.