To help you get the necessary landlord and property data to import into Fixflo, please find a step by step guide of how to extract this data from your Expert Agent system.

In Expert Agent, click on Properties → Grid 

Right click on the table and click on ‘Choose columns’ 

From there, ensure that the correct columns are selected (Address1,Address2,Ref(if needed), Landlord names,Address3,Town,County,Postcode, Management Type.Once you have added all of the relevant columns, make sure to filter only for ‘Fully managed’ properties (unless you wish to upload other management types to Fixflo).

Next, right click on the screen again and select ‘Outputs’ and ‘Create letters’.

Click ‘OK’

Click ‘New Template’ 

Call the template ‘Landlord and property data’  and select ‘Template Type’ as ‘Contacts’:

Click ‘Next’, select the ‘Template format’ ‘HTML’ and click next again: 

Next, click ‘Edit content’ 


[prop_address1],[prop_address2],[prop_address3],[prop_town],[prop_postcode],[landlord_full_name],[landlord_email],[prop_management_type] - For landlords and properties 

[occupier_mobile],[occupier_home_phone],[tenant1_mobile],[tenant2_mobile],[tenant3_mobile],[tenant4_mobile],[tenant5_mobile] - For occupier mobile phones

***You may not need to include all codes. For example, if you store occupier mobiles against the tenancy then use the following codes: 


Conversely, use the following codes if you store the date against the occupier: 


 and click ‘Save and close’. Click ‘Save’(the floppy disk icon) again. 

Next, search for the letter template by typing the name of the template and selecting the correct ‘Template Type’, which is contacts: 

Click on the name of the template to open it. This will open up a field with all of your data. 

Copy all of the data (Ctrl+A) and paste it (Crt+C - Ctrl+V)  into Notepad. 

  1. Save the notepad document.  
  2. Open the document with Excel. 
  3. Make sure to delimit the data with commas
  4. Save the file as a CSV and upload it to Fixflo.