TouchRight integrates with Fixflo Standard and Fixflo Plus.

You can integrate your Fixflo and TouchRight accounts so that repairs and photos identified in a TouchRight report can be pushed to Fixflo creating a seamless approach to your repair and maintenance process.

Setting up the integration

To set up the integration you will need to find the Domain and Token for your Fixflo site.

Log in to your Fixflo site and go to My Profile > Authentication Tokens.

Enter TOUCHRIGHT in the App Id* field and click Add. Please note this is case sensitive and does not accept other characters so this must be written as 'TOUCHRIGHT'.

An Authentication token will then be generated for you.

You can now copy & paste this Authentication Token into TouchRight along with your Fixflo URL link - e.g into your TouchRight dashboard account.

Using the integration:

  • Within a TouchRight report, you can identify and tag a specific repair and photos, which generates an ‘Issue’
  • When completing more details about the issue, you have the option to send to Fixflo
  • If you use Fixflo Plus can track the issue and any status updates in Fixflo can be reflected in your TouchRight dashboard via a ‘Check for Updates’ button