VTUK integrates with Fixflo Standard and Fixflo Plus

Fixflo integrates with VTUK so that any repair and maintenance issues created through the Fixflo reporting interface can be pushed back into VTUK. This allows you to keep a complete maintenance record for your tenancies and produce more accurate reports.

Setting up the integration

To set up the integration with VTUK, you will need to send the below details to your account manager there.

Your Fixflo details:

Username: name@agency.com

Authentication Token: This can be generated by going to My Profile > Authentication Tokens and inputting the code 'VTUK'.

Fixflo URL: agency.fixflo.com

How it works

The integration works through the Scorpio Tenant Portal and then creates the issue within your Gemini system.

You will need to speak with VTUK directly in order to setup the Scorpio Tenant log-in.

Please note: You will get the Scorpio Tenant Portal for free with 100 logins – if you require more, there is an additional charge which you will need to discuss with VTUK directly.

The tenant will log into the Scorpio system and log a repair request within the embedded Fixflo system.

The Tenant’s repair request will be automatically pulled into Gemini in the contractor Outstanding Jobs section. This usually take approx. 1 minute but is all dependent on internet connection.

The screen shot below shows two jobs examples:

You can then select a Contractor and assign them to carry out the work.