Re-leased integrates with both Fixflo Standard and Fixflo Plus

Fixflo integrates with Re-Leased so that any repair and maintenance issues created in Fixflo can be pushed back into Re-Leased.  This allows you to keep a complete maintenance record for your tenancies and produce more accurate reports.

Setting up the integration

To set up the integration you will need to find the Domain and Token for your Fixflo site.

Log in to your Fixflo site and go to My Profile > Authentication Tokens.

Enter RELEASED in the App Id* field and click Add. Please note this is case sensitive and does not accept other characters so this must be written as released.

An Authentication token will then be generated for you.  

The Agency custom domain - e.g and the RELEASED token will need to be copied and pasted into Re-Leased, as explained below.

Now login to Re-Leased and go to Settings > Manage Add-ons and Integrations > Fixflo.

Click Enable Fixflo.


Once the add-on is enabled, you will be asked for the credentials for your Fixflo site.  

Paste the values from your Fixflo site to the Domain and Token fields.

Fixflo Manager

You will need to select a user who will manage your Fixflo integration.  If there are any issues during the maintenance synch to Re-Leased, the Fixflo Manager will be notified via email so they can resolve them.

If the Notify Manager When Maintenance is Created option is checked, an email will be sent to the Fixflo Manager.

Account Type

There are two types of subscriptions to Fixflo - Standard or Plus.  It's important that you select the correct type for your connection as the behaviour in Re-Leased is quite different for each account type:

  • Standard - Fixflo is generally used as a platform to log issues only, so Re-Leased will be used to process all maintenance tasks.  Maintenance tasks created in Fixflo Standard are completely editable in Re-Leased.
  • Plus - An extensive maintenance workflow is offered in Fixflo for Plus users, so maintenance tasks will be recorded in Re-Leased for reference and reporting use only.  Maintenance tasks created in Fixflo Plus are read-only in Re-Leased.

Once all details are entered click Save.

There will be several options available once the connection is set up.  

Disable Fixflo

This allows you to disconnect from your Fixflo site at any time.  Any new issues reported in Fixflo will not be created in Re-Leased.

Sync Maintenance Issues

The sync between Fixflo and Re-Leased will occur on a regular basis, but you can start the sync manually at any time by clicking Sync Maintenance Issues.

View/Hide History

This button will toggle the History section so you can see when the last sync was run and by who.  Clicking Details will open a model listing all issues that were created during that sync.