Release Date 09/01/2019

Leaseholders can now view communal issues in their building

Until now in Fixflo Block Enterprise, leaseholders could only view issues raised by themselves when logged in. 

They can now view all communal issues raised for their building.

It's now easier for contractors to upload their certificates 

If you have requested that your contractors upload certification documents to the system, we have made this process clearer in order for them to understand if they are compliant. 

Previously, this compliance section had no text to let contractors know why these documents are being requested. 

As an agent, you can request further contractor compliance documents by clicking into the contractor profile and going on their ‘Certification’ tab.

  • The FYI PDF you can send to landlords will no longer include contractor contact details. 


The following bugs have been resolved: 

  • Certain contractors not being able to view their dashboard. 
  • Dashboard panels were not always updating synchronously.
  • Agents were sometimes unable to submit feedback on behalf of occupiers. 
  • A link on the landlord "Issue closed" FYI was broken. It has been fixed. 
  • Certain contractors could not log back into the contractor app
  • You weren't able to search for properties when creating a Co-Pilot rule. 
  • Certain people weren't receiving welcome emails. 

Release Date 12/12/2018

Making it clearer to contractors whether or not they will be providing costs 

The option for contractors to provide costs previously looked like this:

Unfortunately, this meant that many contractors overlooked the option completely and progressed the issue unaware that they would be required to provide costs. 

We've now made the option a far more explicit choice:

Remember, you can always enforce a certain pattern of behaviour should you want to (e.g. I always want my contractors to provide costs) by going to 'Setup' --> 'Settings' --> 'General'

Fixflo Build-to-rent

Contractors can now message occupiers and vice-versa in Fixflo Build-to-rent.

Removing occupiers from an issue

Let me give you a scenario: Occupier X reports an issue. Occupier X moves out of the property you manage BUT the issue still needs solving. 

How do I remove occupier X from the issue without starting from scratch? 

You can "Detach the occupier":

This will remove the occupier from this issue, meaning they will have no involvement to progress or provide feedback. Other issues raised by them will be unaffected. The current occupier will become just another occupier at this property, and may still have visibility.

Merging addresses made easier

We've improved the way in which properties can be merged. This is useful in instances where you have duplicates of the same property and would like to tidy up your Fixflo data: 

  • We've split out "Addresses" as a new tab on the property profile. 
  • Clicking 'Merge' on a property will take any issues and profiles from that property and merge them with the property whose profile you're viewing.

  • The compliance matrix wasn't allowing you to view more than the first 16 buildings in Fixflo Block. This has been fixed. 
  • The 'New issue reported' email wasn't always being sent to agents. This was investigated and should be resolved. 
  • In your agency setup, you can choose to prefer the landlord over the agency by default when invoicing. This feature wasn't working when enabled, it does now. 
  • Contractors are no longer shown a 'Decline to quote' button when they choose to quote. 
  • The report "Issues - closed Issues, costs & invoices" wasn't displaying the link for in-system generated invoices. Fixed. 
  • Some properties couldn't be merged. This should no longer be an issue. 
  • Page 2 of external user profiles now works. 
  • If there are two landlords associated with a property and neither of them is selected as the preferred contact, Fixflo will assign the first profile listed rather than no profile. 
  • We've removed the "Decline to quote" button for contractors when they elect to quote instead of marking a job as complete. It doesn't make sense for them to "Decline to quote" if they chose to quote in the first place. 
  • Preferred contractors can now be removed from a landlord's profile.

Release Date 28/11/2018

Reporting on a mobile just became even easier for occupiers

Logged in occupiers will now have a nice big fat "Raise a new issue" button. This makes reporting subsequent issues for logged in occupiers far more intuitive: 

Occupiers letting you know they no longer live at a property

It can be difficult to keep your property data up-to-date. You may accidentally message an occupier who no longer lives at the address.

We've now made it very easy for occupiers to let you know that they've moved out. 

Each email they receive will include the following link:

Clicking the link will take the occupier to their profile where they will be able to archive their profile:

Find Service Events linked to a specific address

You can now search for service events (e.g. Gas safety certificate) linked to a specific property by going to 'Planned maintenance' --> 'Service events' 

Who has reported an issue?

In Fixflo Block and Build-to-Rent, we ask occupiers raising an issue what their relationship to the property is:

However, we know that some of you don't have or don't liaise with leaseholders in your system. For that reason, these questions can be optionally removed: 

This is a simple change but hopefully, it will streamline the process of reporting issues for many users. 

Contractor quoting

Contractors will now be able to review the issue detail before submitting a quote. We used to present them directly with the screen to quote before they could review the detail. Perhaps we were a little too keen.

  • Contractors will now be able to set how far in advance to a certificate's expiry date they receive a reminder to update their information. 
  • Videos can once again be embedded in the guidance and advice popups. For instructions on how to do this, click here
  • Some links on Fixflo emails weren't working, we've fixed these. 
  • We've stopped this from happening (the profiles wrapping under one another): 

  • Fixed a bug where certain issues couldn't be reset to 'Reported' when at the status 'Landlord instructions requested'
  • Fixed a bug where dashboard panels couldn't be added and removed on Internet Explorer 11. 
  • Service event templates can now be added. 

Release Date 14/11/2018

Dashing dashboard

Our design team have sprinkled some fairy dust on the dashboard and we think it looks smashing.

Let us know your thoughts!

All users can now report issues

All logged in users can now report an issue.

This is a change many of you have requested and we're happy to deliver it. 

Do you have an internal contractor, who whilst out on a maintenance visit, spots another issue at the property? They can now raise it directly through Fixflo Plus. 

Perhaps a landlord would like you to arrange some refurbishment at the property. Again, they can raise a request through Fixflo. 

Issue reminder improvements

Issue reminder dates are a useful tool that all Fixflo Plus users should make the most of. 

Reminders allow you to control when an issue falls in and out of your "Issues requiring attention", effectively making it easy for you to organise a to-do list of tasks for issues. 

We've realised that some of you were (rightly) confused by reminders and how they work so we've done some tidying up, including: 

Clearer tooltips around issue reminders:

Letting you know when landlord advice has been received

A couple of updates ago, we added the option to request landlord advice before further progressing an issue.

You'll now get an email notification to let you know when the requested landlord advice has been received.

Notify occupiers and landlords about the awesomeness of Fixflo

Fixflo is truly awesome. We know that, but do your occupiers? Help them step out of the dark and into the light!

Let's say you're using Fixflo Block enterprise and you've just uploaded a new block under management with 300 hundred occupiers. You can now send them all a welcome email at the click of a button: 


Know when issues were raised for further works

In Fixflo Plus and Enterprise systems, a contractor can choose to quote for further works when marking a job as complete. 

That creates a new issue at the status 'Request for quotes ended' for you to review.

We've made the messaging around this clearer for you:

Search for service events by property address

You have hundreds of service events, you only want to see those for a specific street or address. You can now sift through service events by address:

Clearer instructions for contractors who need to provide certificates

We've made a big push in the last few months to improve your ability the manage the certification for your contractors in Fixflo Plus.

If contractors click to provide up to date certificates, the on-screen instructions are now a lot clearer for those who have never provided updated certificates via Fixflo:

Notify contractors of expiring certifications

In the same vein as above, we've made it more explicit to contractors when a certificate is due to expire by adding a 'Blob alert' to their notifications bar for certificates expired and due to expire:

  • Fixflo Block Enterprise users will now be able to set the leaseholder as the invoice payee.
  • Fixflo Block Enterprise users who have multiple leaseholders assigned to a unit can now set one as the "Primary" leaseholder. This means that by default, their profile will be associated with any issues raised for their unit.
  • We have added a number of contractor services which you requested, including (but not limited to): Architects, Aquatics, Bathroom, Installation, Boiler Services, Council, Engineers.
  • Block Enterprise and BtR building notifications will no longer contain a needless 'View notification' button. 
  • You can now access and edit all of the guidance and advice popups on your system without Fixflo displaying an error message. 
  • Fixed a bug where some guidance and advice popups weren't displaying correctly when translated.
  • Fixed agency phones numbers not displaying correctly across guidance and advice popups.
  • Resolved a bug where the whole page would refresh when switching between multiple quotes provided by the same contractor. 
  • Outstanding tasks summary emails now display correctly when viewed in Outlook. 
  • Fixed a bug where a tiny portion of occupiers were not searchable. 
  • Issues can now be bulk closed correctly from within the contractor profile.
  • You should now be able to access these release notes from the updates notification in the left hand toolbar.
Designing your dream dashboard is becoming easier
Designing your dream dashboard is becoming easier
Designing your dream dashboard is becoming easier

Release Date 31/10/2018

Designing your dream dashboard is becoming easier

Our dashboard is heavily customisable, there was a very long list of dashboard panels to choose from. We've made things easier for you by splitting the dashboard panels into categories for you to search by. 

  • The 'Decline job' and 'Provide quote instead' buttons have been moved out of the 'Set appointment date' modal. This will make easier for contractors to find all of the action options they need. 
  • We've removed the 'Reply' button from building notification emails sent to leaseholders in Fixflo Block. 
  • Fixflo was temporarily unavailable on Internet Explorer. That was resolved on the day. 
  • The ability to rate a contractor when closing an issue had temporarily vanished. It's back. 
  • Fixed a bug where certain locked out occupiers were still receiving notifications. 
  • Fixed a bug on Fixflo Block Enterprise systems where the word 'Property' was being replaced with the word 'Unit' on emails. 
  • Fixed a bug where the back button would occasionally vanish when paginating.  

Release Date 17/10/2018

Send comments to all of your colleagues

Fixflo Plus now supports comments between agent users. Are you off on your dream holiday and want to let your colleague know something about an issue before you jet off? Send them a quick message! Make sure not to be too smug...

Ask your landlords for advice before actioning a job

Fixflo Plus already allows you to send quotes off for review to a landlord. However, until now, there was no specific workflow for you to check whether or not the landlord even wants you to proceed with the job. 

Say hello to our brand new landlord advice workflow!

Landlords can now advise whether they would like you to: 

  • Request quotes 
  • Go ahead with the works 
  • Do nothing 
  • Do it themselves
Identify different types of users raising issues in Fixflo Plus Block

Many of you had requested the option of allowing employees and contractors raising issues to identify as such, rather than the system creating an issue with an inaccurate occupier profile. This is now done: 

The full audit PDF now includes costs  

In Fixflo Plus, you can download a full audit PDF of your issue. Handy for those who still enjoy a bit of analog data. The full audit PDF now includes a detailed breakdown of costs provided by the contractor: 

  • Users of Fixflo Block and Fixflo Build to Rent Plus can now send media attached to the issue directly to contractors. 
  • Appointment time and date reminders are no longer sent to occupiers who raise communal issues in Fixflo Block Plus.
  • You can now edit the 'Instruct Job Contractor' email. This is the email that goes out to contractors when they are instructed a job. 
  • 'Interested people' profiles linked to an issue can now view the details, current status and media attachments for the issue as well as send and receive comments. 


  • Fixed an issue where contractors were asked to log in from Fixflo emails (they are normally logged straight in).
  • Changes to photo orientation now save.
  • We now trigger an action for contractors to provide the start date, expiry date and name of a certificate should they provide one when marking a job as complete:

  • Status changes were occasionally repeating themselves in the audit trail. This has been sorted. 
  • Certain service event templates could not be duplicated on the same property. You can now do this. 
  • Fixed a bug where service event programmes with only one service event would show as pending despite the sole event being completed. 
  • The email inviting contractors to upload up-to-date certificates has now been fixed. 
  • Locked out contractors will no longer receive emails from Fixflo under any circumstances. 
  • Fixed a bug where works costs in excess of 999.99 could not be inputted.

Release Date 03/10/2018

Send issue media in comments without having to re-upload it

Previously, if there was an image attached to the issue by an occupier as part of their report and you wanted to forward it in a comment, you had to download the image and re-upload it via the ‘Comments’ section. 

We hope to save you some time by allowing you to place media already in the issue directly into a comment. No upload required! 

Filter your dashboard by Reactive or Planned issues

It’s a straightforward as it sounds, you can now filter your dashboard panels to view either reactive or planned issues or both: 

It’s now easier for you to find your issues 

You can sort your list of issues in many different ways (e.g. by Contractor or by Landlord). We’ve now made your choice of filter ‘persistent’, which means Fixflo will remember your choice of filters.                  

Contractors can review all of their invoices and their payment status

When contractors log into Fixflo, they’ll be presented with the brand new ‘Invoices’ feature. 

This allows them to review all of their invoices submitted through Fixflo. They can also mark them as unpaid/paid to keep track of any payments due. 

Leaseholders can now login 

Leaseholders can now log in to Fixflo Block and Fixflo Build to Rent. This gives them access to a host of features such as: 

  • Leaseholders can be linked to issues 

  • This means that they can:

    • Be sent a welcome email

    • Receive FYIs about an issue at their property 

    • Send comments to the Agent 

And much more!

Always get costs and/or invoices from contractors

Contractors can optionally provide an invoice and/or costs when marking a job as complete.

You can now make providing invoices and/or costs compulsory when a contractor completes a job.

To switch this requirement on, go to ‘Settings’ → ‘Issue settings’ → ‘General’ → ‘Contractor invoice options’.

Improved invoice/cost submission on mobile 

We’ve improved the inputs on mobile devices so that numerical fields display a number pad rather than the full keyboard: 

Improved UI for Assets 

For Fixflo Block and BtR- we’ve improved the way in which you can relate your assets to a maintenance issue. The process should now be smoother and quicker: 

Fixflo Block- Occupiers can now have visibility of communal issues raised for their building

Many of you requested this, you now have the option of allowing occupiers to view any communal issues raised for their building in Fixflo Block.

To switch this on, go to ‘Setup’ → ‘Settings’ → ‘Issue visibility’ and tick ‘Allow occupiers at the same block to see communal issues raised by someone else.’


We’ve added ‘Leaseholder’ to the ‘Paying for work’ drop-down for Fixflo Block and Fixflo Build to Rent:

  • The audit trail now logs if an agent has breached their authorisation limit, regardless of whether the landlord has an authorisation limit. 

  • We have fixed the reports for contractor certificates.

  • We have also fixed the report emails not displaying correctly.

  • Resolved an issue whereby contractors could not log in directly via Fixflo emails they received. 

  • The buttons on emails now look nicer. 

  • Service events no longer keep running once a property has been archived. 

Release Date 19/09/2018

Clearer, more intuitive emails 

Automated emails sent out from the system contain information which is relevant to agents, contractors, landlords etc. in order for them to understand and resolve the issue as quickly as possible. We have structured and presented information on many of the emails more clearly so that users are able to digest the information more easily.Some of the re-designs include: 

The notification email that goes out to agents when a new issue has been raised: 

The notification email to a contractor who has been instructed a job: 

We’ve made it easier for contractors to decline to quote

Previously, contractors would have to log in to their account to decline to quote. They’ll now be able to do it straight from the email invitation to quote they receive:

We’ve also make it easier for a contractor to mark a job as complete

So you’ve instructed a job to a contractor… Ideally, they’d negotiate their appointment time with the occupier within Fixflo; you get visibility and there’s an audit trail, awesome. But some people prefer the phone, and before you know it, a contractor has been and done a job that’s still marked as ‘Awaiting appointment time’.

It’s a bit late to set the time, and it might confuse the occupier (who’s boiler is already purring like a kitten again). So we’ve added a button allowing the contractor to move the job straight to completed!

We’ve made it easier for contractors to invoice

We’ve added the invoicing details to the printed job sheet contractors can access from within Fixflo: 

Sending and obtaining permits to work

We know some of you wanted contractors to be able to receive, fill out and send back completed permits to work when being instructed hazardous jobs. 

You can now do this.

To switch the feature on go to ‘Settings’ → ‘Setup’ → ‘Issue settings’ and the ‘General’ accordion: 

Once this is enabled, you will be able send off the permit when instructing a job to a contractor. They will not be able to progress the issue until they have upload a completed permit:

Filter by fault severity on Co-Pilot

Co-Pilot allows you to automate the instruction of issues to contractors in order to expedite your maintenance process. 

If you want to use Co-Pilot to deal with emergencies, we’ve now made it easier than ever for you to do so.

We’ve added a filter for fault severity to the Co-Pilot rule builder. Allowing you (for example) to only auto-instruct to contractors for faults of the highest urgency rating (which is ‘0’ in Fixflo): 

  • External users: they can now search for issues to which they are assigned when logged into their profile.
  • For clients not using our Lettings product, we have defaulted the field entitled ‘Paying for work’ to 'Agency' rather than ‘Landlord’. This is on the screen which lets you instruct works.
  • Fixed an issue whereby the compliance for a service programme wasn’t always accurate given the number of compliant service events.

  • Fixed the ‘Paying for work’ field which is used when instructing works.

  • We removed the ‘Allocate to landlord’ button which was incorrectly visible on our Build to Rent and Block Fixflo offerings. 

  • You can now address the invoice to the landlord regardless of whether or not they are associated with the property in Fixflo.

  • We fixed a few inconsistencies with the UI in Co-Pilot. 

  • External users can once again approve/reject quotes which they have been invited to review 

  • Bulk closing issues now works as intended when done from within a contractor profile. 

  • Certain properties could not be merged. This has been fixed. 


Release Date 05/09/2018        

Warning that contractor invoice exceeds authorisation limit or quote

We have improved the messaging around the two following scenarios:

  • A contractor provides an invoice which exceeds their quote

  • A contractor provides an invoice which exceeds the works authorisation limit set for the job.

The warning will look like this: 

 Clockwise decommissioned 

Time’s up for Clockwise. Clockwise allowed you to automatically notify people when issues were raised out of hours. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to do this (and much more) with Co-Pilot. 

If you had Clockwise setup for your agency, a rule copying those settings can be found in Co-Pilot. We’ve made sure to keep everything ticking over nicely for you.

To find out more about Co-Pilot, click here

Contractor services and certification 

We’re gradually bringing improvements to the way in which you can manage contractor certification on Fixflo.

We’ve already allowed you to specify who in your team can manage and edit contractor certifications. 

You can now automatically require contractors to provide certificates based on the services they provide. 

Go to ‘People’ → ‘Contractor certification’.

From there you can select a service type and specify which certificates should be provided for it.

 Communal and private issues: 

We’ve done some work to make it easier for users of our Block and Build to Rent systems to identify whether an issue is communal or private. This includes an icon on the issue itself: 


Certificate document tab

We’ve recently done some work to allow contractors to upload certificates along with their start and expiry dates. 

You can now view those certificates by going to the appropriate property profile and clicking on the ‘Certificates’ tab: 

Declining to quote 

Contractors can decline to quote, but how they can do this was not made obvious to them. We have remedied this by making the button more prominent in the contractor ‘Next steps’: 

  • We’ve changed the default works planner view to yearly (we think it makes more sense that way.

  • Contractor services: we’ve added to the list of contractor services as many of you had requested this:

Bug fixes
  • Issues can now be bulk closed from within the contractor profile. 

  • Landlords will only see submitted quotes when being asked to review them, some landlords were incorrectly seeing cancelled quotes. 

  • Contractors can now attach PDFs when quoting for further works.


Release Date 23/08/2018

 Providing certificates upon job completion 

Some of you have requested the ability for contractors to provide certificates when marking a job or service event as complete. 

This is now possible! 

When marking a job as complete, contractors will be prompted to upload a certificate. Once that certificate is uploaded, the contractor is asked to provide a start and expiry date for the document as well as a name. 

 Work Authorisation Limits 

Fixflo allows you to set work authorisation limits for your team members and for individual landlords

This release brings a series of improvements to this feature. 

Numero uno:

You can now set up automatic email notifications for your team members should a work authorisation be breached. 

To do this, go to ‘Setup’ → ‘Settings’, the ‘Notifications’ tab and find the field entitled ‘Notify these agents when any works are instructed above the works authorisation limit of the agent or landlord’. From there, simply type in the name of the team member who should be notified (please note that they won’t receive a notification if they are the one breaching the limit). 

An example email: 

 Numero dos: 

In addition to the above email going out, the audit trail will also let you know that the auth limit has been breached and who by- handy!

 Co-Pilot in Fixflo Standard 

Fixflo Plus users already know how awesome Co-Pilot is. We’re now bringing it to Standard and will be phasing out Clockwise shortly.

Don’t worry! Your Clockwise settings will be replicated in Co-Pilot. You’ll also have great new features such as the ability to tailor which faults contractors get notified about out of hours. Your contractors don’t need to receive an email at 3:00 am about a loose doorknob!

 Property search for uploaded properties

You can choose to allow occupiers to search through properties that you have uploaded to the system. This is done for a number of reasons, including to avoid property duplication when occupiers use the postcode search or manual input to add their address to an issue report.

We’ve improved the property search for occupiers looking to raise an issue. Previously, when an occupier typed in ‘Stre’, the system would list every address that contained those four letters (including addresses with the word ‘street’). We’ve now limited returned results to the top 5 addresses and we ignore numerical characters. 


Repairs can be a lengthy process that involves communication with many different parties. As a result, Fixflo sends out a lot of emails to various people. 

With this update, we begin our work to improve the clarity of information and instructions contained in emails. 

Hopefully, you won’t notice the difference but you’ll find the information more easily.  

Editing an issue

We’ve made it easier for you to edit an issue by adding an edit button next to issue title. From there you can perform tasks such as editing the title. 

UI improvements

For those of you who read these release notes religiously, you’ll know that we improved the look and feel of the contractor page. We’ve done the same for all other users (agents, landlords, external users and occupiers). 

We’ve done this with the aim of improving your user experience, let us know if you have any thoughts! 


  • The option to ‘Provide quotes instead’ when being invited to provide an appointment time was broken. This has been fixed.

  • Fixed a bug where resetting your password on the contractor app would not send out the email allowing you to do so.

  • Clicking ‘Save’ on a completed service event would reset it to ‘Awaiting review’. 

  • Fixed a bug where the issue scroll button was shown in the wrong place.

  • You can now save the property type on a property profile. 

  • Fixed a bug where you would sometimes be taken to a blank screen when navigating through issues via a contractor profile. 

  • Made the process of saving a landlord against a building more intuitive in Fixflo Block. 

  • Clicking on a document in the ‘Documents’ tab of a property no longer errors. 

  • Fixed a bug where certain tooltips would stop working after changing page on pages such as the issue list page. 

  • Fixed a bug where certain occupiers where not given their issue reference number when raising an issue.

Release Date 08/08/2018

In order to improve the security of your Fixflo system, you can now setup an IP whitelist. This enables you to only allow devices from specific locations to connect to Fixflo.

To set this up go to ‘Setup’ → ‘Settings’ → ‘Security: up IP whitelist-5w8.gif

You can now add a custom message to an action when creating a rule in Co-pilot: message copilot-0Kk.gif
 Full address in property search 

When viewing property lists in Fixflo, we only showed the first address line. This could be confusing when you ended up with addresses such as ‘Flat 1, Birmingham, B99 1AA.

We now show the full address to avoid this: address in search-UIM.PNG

Contractor Certificates 

As part of our efforts to improve Fixflo’s ability to track the validity of contractor certification, the daily task email for contractors now includes a reminder to upload new certification if required: task email - certificates-8qA.PNG

We have also made permissions around who can and can’t validate contractor certification more granular. Enabling the ‘Can manage contractor compliance’ setting allows an agent to manage contractor certificates. cert validation permissions-6Es.gif
 Better property deduplication 

Until now, if an occupier typed ‘10 Downing Street’ and ‘10, Downing STREET’, the system would create two properties. This meant that some of you would struggle managing portfolios that contained somewhat avoidable duplication.

We have done some work to avoid this going forward. Fixflo will now ignore the following differences in the way an address is typed:

  • Punctuation
  • Differing use of uppercase and lowercase characters.
Build to Rent- clearer distinction between communal and private issues

We’ve already done a lot of work to help you distinguish more clearly between communal and private issues.

We now ensure that when an issue is raised, the email notifying you that it’s been reported will show the building address if the issue affects a communal area. Conversely, it will show the unit address if the issue is considered to affect the internal demise.

When searching for issues on the system, you can now easily filter between communal and non-communal issues: for communal issues-JhU.gif

Build to Rent- service events for both blocks and units 

We now allow you to create service events using templates suitable to both your buildings and the internal demised areas. service event templates include lettings-TU4.PNG

Other small tweaks:
  • Added a tooltip to the ‘Issue details’ button on the search issue page.
  • Raising an issue on the Fixflo website on an iPhone was acting up. As you went through the process of raising an issue, the screen gradually zoomed in. Fixed.
  • We’ve improved the look and feel of the contractor profile page: profile UI-R3Q.gif
  • We’ve redesigned the media upload button with the aim of making it more eye-catching and encouraging occupiers to provide photos with their issue report: media upload design-4Yo.gif

The following fixes have been made to Fixflo:

  • The contractor job sheet now prints in the correct format with the right information.
  • You can now reset the issue to reported if you mistakenly instructed it to an external user.
  • The link to setup an account for landlords in the ‘Welcome to Fixflo’ email has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug in our Block and BtR systems where the PDF included on the instruction email to contractor was missing a lot of crucial information (such as the instruction and fault details)
  • Fixed a bug where pending quotes couldn’t be deleted.
  • Tweaked the UI of the screen which contractors use to provide costs. It looked ugly as some space between fields had been lost.
  • Fixed a bug where the option to show or hide a fault tree category was obscured by the icon.
  • It was impossible to add the landlord as an interested person when using the Fixflo website on an iPhone.
  • Fixed some UI inconsistencies when setting up service events via the Works planner on a property profile.
  • Fixed a bug where the dashboard numbers weren’t scaling properly when viewed on Android devices.

Release Date 26/07/2018

Permissions: Read-only

We aim to improve the quality and functionality of our permissions over the next few releases.

You may have members of staff who should be able to find out the current status of an issue BUT shouldn’t be allowed to edit anything on it. For that reason, we are adding read-only permissions to the system. only-fRU.gif

To find out more about how to setup these permissions, please click here.

Permissions: Contractor search 

Our existing permissions allow you to specify whether a user ‘can manage’ contractors or not. Unfortunately, removing that permission from a user not only removed their ability to edit contractor profiles but also view contractor profiles. We’ve improved this. Agents will always be able to view contractor profiles. Whether they can edit them depends on their permissions. permissions-msg.gif

Emailing large PDFs 

The size of PDFs you could download from Fixflo was previously limited by how long such a file would take to generate.

This meant, for instance, that you couldn’t generate a pdf ‘Full audit’ version of an issue with more than the last 10 comments.

You can now generate a ‘Full audit’ pdf of the issue with the last 1000 comments.

To allow for this, the file is now emailed to you rather than downloaded on the spot. audit trail-E5Y.gif

Costs provided by the contractor when an issue is marked complete 

We improved the way in which contractors provide invoices and costs. An unfortunate side effect of this was that the contractor and agent lost visibility of the provided costs when marking a job as complete. This is now fixed. costs when job marked as complete-nb0.PNG

Issue status - Contractor costs and invoices 

Related to the above, we wanted to make the issue status clearer when contractor stipulate that they would provide costs and/or invoices.

We have therefore introduced the new status ‘Job completed, awaiting contractor information’.

This accurately reflects that the job is done but that the contractor needs to provide additional details: contractor information-7uo.PNG

Service events- removed status ‘Unassigned’ 

We’ve improved the way service events work to make them as easy to use as normal issues. Click here to find out more.

We have removed the status ‘Unassigned’ as knowing whether or not a contractor is assigned to a service event is no longer crucial. The service event will always create an issue. If no contractor is assigned, you can simply do so from the issue. (If a contractor is assigned to the service event, the issue will auto-instruct to them).

Audit trail- status changes 

Our audit trail lets you know when and who has taken an action against a specific audit trail. We love it but we know that it sometimes felt like you needed a PhD in Fixflo to understand all of it.

We've added status changes to the audit trail to make it easier to read. change-yzM.PNG
Contractors submitting costs and invoices

Contractors choosing to provide both costs and invoices would be confused because they’re costs would not save without them clicking ‘Save costs’ before clicking ‘Upload and submit your invoice’.

The submit button now saves both the costs and the invoice to avoid confusion: + upload invoice-6lc.PNG


The following bugs were fixed:

  • Some service events were not successfully auto-instructing.
  • Contractors assigned to a service event could not be removed.
  • Service events remained ‘Instructed’ despite the associated issue(s) being marked as complete. The service event now successfully changes to the status ‘Awaiting review’.
  • The contractor option to ‘Quote for further works’ was broken.
  • Contractors were shown the ‘Job invoices’ button despite indicating that invoices would not be provided.
  • Two-factor authentication was being shown to users other than agents.
  • The request for feedback email to the occupier wasn’t being sent out.
  • ‘Job reminder’ panel was not showing the jobs for today.
  • Comments sent via the contractor app were not sending comment notification emails.
  • Attachments to comments would not find their way into the comment notification email. Fixed.
  • Adding multiple Health and Safety documents to the instruction details of a job did not work if any date fields were populated on the same modal.
  • Using list pages on iPhone and iPad didn’t work. For example, tapping into on a specific issue from the ‘Issue search’ screen didn’t work.
  • An agent couldn’t edit and save details on a contractor profile without first adding a phone number.
  • When raising an issue on behalf of an occupier, the agent can choose whether or not to send a notification email to the occupier. This option was broken.
  • Occupiers could not submit feedback.
  • The assignment of an agent to a landlord or property could not be amended/deleted.
  • The Fixflo issue reporting page was not working properly on Internet Explorer.

Release Date 12/07/2018

We're trying a new format, checkout our new video release notes:

Release Date 26/06/2018

UI changes 

We’ve made slight changes to the way some pages look and feel. They shouldn’t change the way you use the system.

We’ve changed the list view for agents, leaseholders and external users for a more modern and consistent look old-iiY.png

Planned maintenance service events are displayed more intuitively events view-XZg.png

We’ve changed the view for the ‘Health and safety documents’ option and safety docs-taQ.png

The ‘Documents’ tab on a property profile has been refreshed tab on properties-8bE.png

The ‘Team’ page looks nifty view-VGI.png

Contractor certification 

Many of you expressed an interest in getting the most out of our contractor certification features. You can find out more about these here.

If you use Fixflo to track that your contractors’ certificates are valid, you can now put a hard block on them being instructed any new jobs through the system. This is a role permission setting (you will need admin rights), which can be found here: to contrators with expired cert-cPc.gif

Any agents without the permission will not be able to instruct works or award a quote to contractors with expired certificates: works to contractors with expired certs-Urg.png

Agents with the permission will receive a warning but will be able to proceed with the instruction.

Compliance matrix 

The compliance matrix can now be exported as a csv matrix as CSV-pTE.png
Health and safety documents 

You can now include multiple health and safety documents in your instruction to a contractor health and safety docs-OrE.png
  • Fixed a bug where Co-pilot wasn’t working for Fixflo Build-to-rent
  • Fixed a bug where an assignee can’t be selected when adding a service event through the works planner.
  • Fixed a bug where contractors couldn’t see the service events assigned to them.
  • Fixed a bug where contractors weren’t receiving job instructions. This effected a small number of contractors who’s profile page settings had been amended.
  • Fixed a bug which made it difficult for users with a large number of service events to export them as a CSV.

Release Date 18/06/2018

Simplified costs and invoices for contractors 

We have radically simplified the way in which a contractor provides costs and invoices when marking a job as complete. We used to give contractors too many options and this confused them.

Now, they are asked exactly what information they would like to provide: costs and invoices-mLQ.png and invoices-ryQ.PNG

In the above example, I have stipulated that I will not provide an invoice but will provide costs. When I mark the job as complete I will only see options to provide costs.

 Service events as issues 

Most of you are familiar with normal issues raised by occupiers. On Fixflo Plus, you can comment on them, request quotes, get approval from the landlord...etc. Now you can do all of this with service events.

Click here to find out more.

You can also now remove the ‘Completed’ status on a service event.


We are continuously adding new features to our Co-Pilot tool. Save time and automate your property maintenance.

You can now set a start and end date for Co-Pilot rules. This ensures that the automation happens exactly when you want it to. period rule-am4.PNG
 Compliance Matrix 

We have tidied up the compliance matrix, ensuring that it only show columns with service events on them. No more blank columns!

 Batch issue creation 

Some of you found it frustrating that the ‘Batch create’ tool in the system remembers the list of properties added. You can now clear the list of previously added properties by clicking ‘Remove all’. issues-qgI.PNG
  • For the compliance matrix:

    • We have made sure that the filters make sense and work correctly.
    • We’ve made sure the compliance percentages add up properly.
  • Fixed a bug where users could not access their profile options on mobile.
  • Fixed a bug where you could not download a large number of service events at once.

Release Date 31/05/2018

Service events 
  • Doing a CSV export of your service events will now list the property address to which the service event is related. events with addresses-zpg.png
  • We have brand new reports for Planned Maintenance, specifically around service events. The reports are called ‘Events being instructed’ and ‘Events by due date’. These reports will also show which service events are assigned and unassigned. Schedule this report to be sent to you automatically weekly/monthly and never miss upcoming planned maintenance work again. event report-fNw.gif

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where the contractor job sheet was not properly displaying quote cost lines.
  • Fixed a bug where contractors and agents could not see the awarded quote for issues with the status ‘Awaiting job completion’.
  • Fixed a bug around service agreement and service event dates clashing incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug where invoices could not be uploaded to service events.
  • We have made the required actions clearer for contractors who have already submitted one quote.
  • Fixed a bug where the request for feedback email was being sent to the occupier despite the number of days given to provide zero being 0.

Release Date 16/05/2018


We’ve continued adding features to this awesome new tool.

You can now set up automated maintenance rules for specific landlords and/or properties: and landlord filter-Ppg.png

To learn more about Co-Pilot, click here

  • We’ve continued our hard work to ensure that our system is compliant with the changes that are coming with GDPR at the end of the month.
  • Remember to review and sign our amended T&Cs. gif-6Fw.gif

Bug Fixes
  • Agents can now close an issue at the status ‘Closed, awaiting feedback’ without first having received the feedback.
  • Fixed a bug where agents couldn’t view the job completion details at the status ‘Job completed, ready for closure’
  • Fixed a bug where you could create a completely blank rule in Co-Pilot

Release Date 03/05/2018


Are you ready for the future? This is a brand new feature for Fixflo Plus users which allows you to automate some of the effort out of issue management.

Co-pilot lets you set up rules which will run automatically when an issue is reported.

  • Would you like a team member or contractor to be notified of any urgent issues out-of-hours? Automate with Co-Pilot!
  • Would you like all lock issues to be instructed straight to your favourite locksmith? Automate with Co-Pilot!

Rules can be defined based on the type of fault, the time and date of when the issue was raised and its location.


As you all know GDPR is coming into force at the end of the month. To ensure that we are compliant as a data processor, we have a host of small changes to the system.

Make sure to head to Setup → Settings → T&Cs to agree to our updated T&Cs. You will also find some useful documentation on this page such as a Fixflo Data Protection Impact Assessment and a Statement of data usage. gif-8Ag.gif

Contractor certification 

We’ve made some changes to the layout and titling of buttons on the contractor certification view.

Those changes include:

  • Certificates are now considered valid if there is at least one document that is in date AND is marked as valid by a agent.
  • Uploaded certificates now have a document start date which lets you know the valid start date for certificates. Certificates-t7A.PNG


Contractors have been able to decline work instructions for a while now. They can now also decline to quote. declines quotes-JnU.PNG

Bug fixes

  • Health and safety documents are once again included in the issue instructions email sent to a contractor.
  • VAT rates for South African and Irish clients have been amended to reflect the up-to-date percentages.
  • The link in contractor emails to update their certificates has now been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where contractors were struggling to submit quotes and invoices on their mobiles. This has now been tidied up: mobile 2-4Lo.png

Release Date 11/04/2018

More detailed quoting and invoicing 
  • We wanted to make it easier for contractors to provide more detailed quotes and invoices.
  • With that in mind, contractors can now add individual line items to their invoices and quotes.
  • You can tailor descriptions and VAT per line item. line items-jGc.gif

 Quoting for further works 
  • Once a contractor has completed a job, they can now choose to quote for further works if they feel that additional work is required. This will create a new linked issue. for further works-oqk.PNG
Reporting an issue on behalf of an occupier 
  • You now have the option of whether or not to notify an occupier when raising an issue on their behalf. on behalf of occupier-s5c.png

  • Linked issues are now displayed more prominently on the ‘Next steps’ tab.
  • We have made a clear distinction on the ‘Related tab’ between issues that you have explicitly linked and other issues at the same property.
  • We have reworked the format in which feedback is requested from occupiers at the end of a job. issues screenshot-OPM.PNG
Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed a bug where contractors and agents couldn’t see quotes submitted when an issue was at the status “Awaiting landlord review”.
  • Fixed a bug on certain iPhones where an issue couldn’t be progressed beyond adding a photo.
  • A host of small UI fixes were made to the ‘Next steps’ page for all users to ensure consistency and clarity across the board.

Release Date 22/02/18

Please find below the details of our latest release.

As always feedback is always appreciated - we want to make this a product you enjoy. Be sure to send it to

Design Changes
  • We have done some extensive work re-designing and modernising the look and feel of the toolbar in Fixflo. Please find below a brief explanation of the changes we have made:
  • All menu options are now on the left-sided toolbar: notes 1`-OpQ.png

The new toolbar bar can be minimised to save you space: notes 2-Tbk.gif

Bug fixes
  • Contractors once again have the option to ‘Provide quote instead’ when issue is at the status ‘Awaiting Completion’
  • Fixed a bug where the event type was not copying over correctly when copied from one property to another.
  • We made multiple bug fixes to the contractor next steps including:

    • Enabling contractors to reattach an invoice at the ‘Job Completed’ stage if the invoice had been previously deleted.
    • The buttons for "I agree to the terms and conditions" and "Save and submit all" disappeared when a contractor submitted more than 2 quotes. This has been fixed.
  • You may have noticed that our last update contained revamped ‘Next Steps’ for contractors. We have since tweaked these to make them clearer for contractors. click here click here