Release Date 16/05/2018


We’ve continued adding features to this awesome new tool.

You can now set up automated maintenance rules for specific landlords and/or properties: and landlord filter-Ppg.png

To learn more about Co-Pilot, click here

  • We’ve continued our hard work to ensure that our system is compliant with the changes that are coming with GDPR at the end of the month.
  • Remember to review and sign our amended T&Cs. gif-6Fw.gif

Bug Fixes
  • Agents can now close an issue at the status ‘Closed, awaiting feedback’ without first having received the feedback.
  • Fixed a bug where agents couldn’t view the job completion details at the status ‘Job completed, ready for closure’
  • Fixed a bug where you could create a completely blank rule in Co-Pilot

Release Date 03/05/2018


Are you ready for the future? This is a brand new feature for Fixflo Plus users which allows you to automate some of the effort out of issue management.

Co-pilot lets you set up rules which will run automatically when an issue is reported.

  • Would you like a team member or contractor to be notified of any urgent issues out-of-hours? Automate with Co-Pilot!
  • Would you like all lock issues to be instructed straight to your favourite locksmith? Automate with Co-Pilot!

Rules can be defined based on the type of fault, the time and date of when the issue was raised and its location.


As you all know GDPR is coming into force at the end of the month. To ensure that we are compliant as a data processor, we have a host of small changes to the system.

Make sure to head to Setup → Settings → T&Cs to agree to our updated T&Cs. You will also find some useful documentation on this page such as a Fixflo Data Protection Impact Assessment and a Statement of data usage. gif-8Ag.gif

Contractor certification

We’ve made some changes to the layout and titling of buttons on the contractor certification view.

Those changes include:

  • Certificates are now considered valid if there is at least one document that is in date AND is marked as valid by a agent.
  • Uploaded certificates now have a document start date which lets you know the valid start date for certificates. Certificates-t7A.PNG


Contractors have been able to decline work instructions for a while now. They can now also decline to quote. declines quotes-JnU.PNG

Bug fixes

  • Health and safety documents are once again included in the issue instructions email sent to a contractor.
  • VAT rates for South African and Irish clients have been amended to reflect the up-to-date percentages.
  • The link in contractor emails to update their certificates has now been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where contractors were struggling to submit quotes and invoices on their mobiles. This has now been tidied up: mobile 2-4Lo.png

Release Date 11/04/2018

More detailed quoting and invoicing
  • We wanted to make it easier for contractors to provide more detailed quotes and invoices.
  • With that in mind, contractors can now add individual line items to their invoices and quotes.
  • You can tailor descriptions and VAT per line item. line items-jGc.gif

Quoting for further works
  • Once a contractor has completed a job, they can now choose to quote for further works if they feel that additional work is required. This will create a new linked issue. for further works-oqk.PNG
Reporting an issue on behalf of an occupier
  • You now have the option of whether or not to notify an occupier when raising an issue on their behalf. on behalf of occupier-s5c.png

  • Linked issues are now displayed more prominently on the ‘Next steps’ tab.
  • We have made a clear distinction on the ‘Related tab’ between issues that you have explicitly linked and other issues at the same property.
  • We have reworked the format in which feedback is requested from occupiers at the end of a job. issues screenshot-OPM.PNG
Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where contractors and agents couldn’t see quotes submitted when an issue was at the status “Awaiting landlord review”.
  • Fixed a bug on certain iPhones where an issue couldn’t be progressed beyond adding a photo.
  • A host of small UI fixes were made to the ‘Next steps’ page for all users to ensure consistency and clarity across the board.

Release Date 22/02/18

Please find below the details of our latest release.

As always feedback is always appreciated - we want to make this a product you enjoy. Be sure to send it to

Design Changes
  • We have done some extensive work re-designing and modernising the look and feel of the toolbar in Fixflo. Please find below a brief explanation of the changes we have made:
  • All menu options are now on the left-sided toolbar: notes 1`-OpQ.png

The new toolbar bar can be minimised to save you space: notes 2-Tbk.gif

Bug fixes
  • Contractors once again have the option to ‘Provide quote instead’ when issue is at the status ‘Awaiting Completion’
  • Fixed a bug where the event type was not copying over correctly when copied from one property to another.
  • We made multiple bug fixes to the contractor next steps including:
    • Enabling contractors to reattach an invoice at the ‘Job Completed’ stage if the invoice had been previously deleted.
    • The buttons for "I agree to the terms and conditions" and "Save and submit all" disappeared when a contractor submitted more than 2 quotes. This has been fixed.
  • You may have noticed that our last update contained revamped ‘Next Steps’ for contractors. We have since tweaked these to make them clearer for contractors.